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Cloth Diapers: To Choose or Not To Choose

Pankaj Kumar

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The diaper debate between the cloth and disposable diaper is one to which there is no end. While some parents are die-hard fans of cloth diapers there are many other for whom disposable diapers make the best baby diapers. Of the two categories of diapers currently in vogue it is actually difficult to choose between them. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which appeal to different people in different ways.

Cloth diaper advantages

They are generally made of fabric layers composed of cotton or hemp, microfibers or plastic fibres or even bamboo etc. Advantages associated with the use of cloth diapers are:

  • Inexpensive: Disposable diapers by virtue of the convenience they present, are much more expensive than cloth
  • diapers for babies. In fact where regular use of diapers is a mandatory factor for parents, the use of disposable diapers can present quite a financial challenge while cloth diapers are relatively inexpensive and hence pose no financial challenge for the parents.
  • Environment friendly: On an average babies consume approximately four to eight thousand diapers individually before they are potty-trained. When using disposable diapers, all of these land up in landfills. Additionally the carbon footprint of these disposable diapers is mind-boggling because of all the petroleum used, the trees cut the water used and the chemicals which again land up in landfills. This makes disposable diapers an environmental hazard while cloth diapers which can be cleaned and reused make for a much better and environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Absorbency: Cloth diapers have a huge capacity to absorb and are also able to contain large amounts of urine for a much longer time. Disposable diapers fall way short in absorbency thereby adding another feather in the cap of cloth diapers and making them the best diapers.
  • Reusability: All cloth diapers can be washed using good detergents to make them clean and safe for use once again. Thus cloth diapers can be used a number of times making them both affordable and functional with increased utility.

Advantages of disposable diapers

Disposable diapers are made up of either synthetic polyacrylate or waterproof wood pulp. They also provide certain advantages which also make it stand out when buying baby diapers online or otherwise.

  • Convenience: The ability to use and throw these disposable diapers accounts for its convenience in a way no cloth diaper can. Regular use of cloth diaper tends to consume time and energy since they need to be properly washed and dried before they can be used. This can be a definite hassle if the baby happens to poop in it. But parents using disposable diapers just have to remove and throw away the diaper and clean up the baby in case the baby poops in the diaper. Thus there is a better market for disposable diapers online .
  • Quick change: Times when parents need to quickly change the diapers of their babies can present quite a hassle when using cloth diapers. But disposable diapers with their Velcro strips and sticky tapes ensure quick change of diapers when it is needed the most. This makes it easier for parents with babies to travel to places without any baby hassle occurring on the way.

Thus the choice of the diaper can only be said to be a matter of preference, budget and convenience. But it is generally seen that a combination of the two works best for parents with small babies since it helps them to average out the cost and also get the required convenience as and when required.


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