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Keeping Your Baby Warm in Winter: Things That Really Work

Nishant Gupta

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As soon as the winter arrives, parents start worrying about how to keep their little ones warm, healthy and comfortable, and why not? Babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature and therefore, you’re required to take special care of your little one during winter. Here are a few tips and products that can help you keep your baby warm and covered in the cold weather!


Dressing your little one in a few thin layers of warm clothes is definitely one of the best ways to keep him out of the cold. Not only layers are easy to put on, but also they can be easily removed to change baby’s diapers at night. A good rule of thumb is to dress your infant in one extra layer than you.

One Piece Bodysuits:

Another great way to ensure your baby would stay toasty from head to toe is wearing him a soft, one-piece, footed cotton bodysuit. Unlike two-piece outfits, one piece bodysuits do not have a gap open at the waist, which sets you free from worrying about baby exposing his cute belly to the chilly cold outside.

Mittens and Booties:

Since babies lose a large amount of heat through their hands and feet, consider investing in a good pair of mittens and booties to provide your infant’s delicate skin an extra layer of warmth. If your little one is a habitual thumb sucker, have an extra pair of mittens ready.

Baby Balaclavas:

A baby hat is a must-have item to keep a newborn’s head warm and covered in the winter season. However, most of the infants pull their hat off as they find it quite annoying. Thankfully, there is a great solution, called baby balaclava, available to get rid of this problem. Keeping your baby’s head, neck and ears covered while exposing his face, a balaclava ensures he won’t catch a cold.


Baby blankets are a great way to protect your child from cold and chilly air, especially when he is asleep. After putting your little one down to sleep, place a few layers of baby blankets over him to make sure he would not wake up cold. However, your must keep blankets away from your baby’s face to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Sleeping Bags:

While some infants like to be swaddled very much, others just kick their blankets off because they are unable to move the way they like. If your newborn moves a lot during sleep or kicks off his blankets very often, then baby sleeping bags are a perfect option for you. Eliminating the need for swaddling, baby sleeping bags keep your shivering little one toasty all night.


In addition to protecting your little one from the cold from the upper side, you’re required to keep him warm from the underside too. Use a high-quality, firm baby mattress to minimize the risk of your baby getting sick due to chilly air entered into the cot or bassinet from the back side.

Preheating the Crib:

The worst thing you can do with your baby during winter is putting him down to sleep in a chilled cot or crib. To help your child sleep comfortably and peacefully, you’re suggested to preheat the crib using a hot water bottle, heating pad or electric blanket. Most importantly, do not leave any heating equipment in the crib as it may burn your baby or cause him overheating.


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