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Selecting an Efficient Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Bruce Markey

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Milk is the only source of nutrition for your young one, but what if the milk bottle that should be a source of nourishment for your baby becomes a carrier of infection endangering your baby’s health? Whether you are expressing your milk or feeding the baby formula, it is essential that all the feeding equipment and baby bottles are totally clean and sterile. And to ensure this, sterilizing your baby bottle is your best bet!

Following are some of the ways you can sterilize these bottles; each with its own pros and cons:

1. Boiling Water

This is one of the most primitive methods of sterilizing the bottles. It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to sterilize a bottle. All you have to do is put all the bottles and teats you want to sanitize in a large pan of boiling water. Let the water come to a boil again and keep it in the boiling water for at least 10 minutes before removing them. However, this method can harm the nipples and make them lose their original shape.

Pros: Cost-effective and fast

Cons: Decreases the life of nipples

2. Electric Sterilizers

In this method, an electric sterilizer is used to sanitize the bottles. All the bottles are placed in upside down position in the sterilizer. The water is then heated electrically, which results in hot steam that sanitizes the contents. While the process takes barely 10 minutes, it can keep the bottles in the sanitized condition for up to six hours, as long as the lid of the sanitizer is not opened.

Pros: Ease and effectiveness of use

Cons: Sterilizer is a bit expensive.

3. Microwave Sterilizers

This method also uses hot steam for sterilization. You need to put bottles in a microwave sterilizer along with some water in its base. Then you microwave it for 10 minutes and all your bottles are sterilized in a jiffy.

Pros: Cheaper than the electric alternative, easy and convenient to use

Cons: Usually fits only four to six bottles as compared to six or eight in its electric counterpart. If you have a smaller microwave, your sterilizer might not fit in it.

4. Cold Water Sterilizer

In this method, you put chemical liquid or tablets containing bleach into a specified amount of cold water. The bottles are then completely immersed in this solution, so that no air pockets remain. They are kept in this state for 30 minutes, after which this solution is washed off with boiled water, so that no traces of chemical remain inside the bottles.

Pros: No need of electricity or microwave. Can be used anywhere.

Cons: Slow and complicated process.

Now that you know pros and cons of various methods of sterilizing, you can choose the sterilization method that best suits your needs and budget.

Wabi Baby, manufacturer and distributor of one of the best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer systems ( ) which uses steam to kill harmful 99.9% germs.


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