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How many types of double strollers?

Zosimos Ubol

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Dad and Mom who have one more babies, we hope they have ever to use single stroller already. Single and double strollers do not use the same factor for selection. Double strollers come with many types and are built for two babies. So what are types of double stroller that you are looking for? Read the following guide about advantage of those strollers.

The below types we are often see in online store. All of models below can use for babies are same or similar age. You may find double stroller review site for find out more information and brad of each type.

We do not talk about each brand you can find them easily at online store or their site.

  1. Side by side type– This type is good for babies because they can talk to each other and can see the same view also. But sometimes side by side model could be led them to fight.
  2. Tandem double stroller type– This type is suitable for your babies are different age like a one toddler and one infant.
  3. Sit and stand double stroller type – This type is suitable babies are different age like a tandem model.
  4. Umbrella double stroller type - It is a popular product and often is the gift for new Moms because it is cheap and light if it is compared with others.

    Umbrella strollers don’t have storage space for parents keep the things. However it is easily fit in your car or any corner in your home. There are many sizes of umbrella stroller and the mid-size is most like from parent because it easy to fold and small size.

  5. Jogging double stroller type – It is designed with bigger wheels, up to a 20 inches diameter, to reduce the bumps and shocks transferring from the street to the babies. They have sturdy handles so that the parent has a good grip to keep the stroller from rolling away, especially on the downhill. Jogging double strollers are built with the type of activity they will be used for.

Present you have already known the types of double stroller. Next, what is your activity and what will you use double stroller for? For instant, take the babies to the park, the market or use for your exercise in the morning. The great double stroller for you and model it is depend on your activity as well.

If you use it for go to the market or in cloud people you should select the narrow double stroller such as tandem type or sit and stand type. Anyway if you often go to the park the width of double stroller is not necessary you may select the side by side type.

The last thing, we are feeling happy with you that all of you have one more a great baby. This is time to change from single stroller to double stroller system except you have twin babies. Oh! Some people use the stroller for running also. It is a new trend. If you need more information please visit us at Double Stroller Review site.


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