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Contrast between Breastfeeding and Cow Milk Nursing and Benefits for Mommy and Infant


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During the pregnancy mother and fetus are physically and spiritually one - heart to heart, soul to soul. The fetus develops shielded inside the womb and the prospective mommy has opportunity to get prepared, mature and cultivate a profound metaphysical relationship of love with the baby. Once the infant is born and the umbilical cord discontinued the baby is separated but furthermore fully depends on the mommy - for nourishment, safety, affection and care. There are moms who put their business as superiority and leave the infants to governess, baby sitter and even to child care center. This early separation from the mother may cause in the little one great emotional harm of feeling less love worthy or fear of being neglected. Little ones are very delicate and vulnerable. A sincerely caring mom will extend the relationship and will keep her child satisfied and in good health - near her bosom as much as needed.

One very important act to satisfy the alimentary and emotional needs of the baby is breastfeeding

This exceptional organic act of nearness when the heart chakra of the mommy is more open and with mother's milk infant is drinking in love - an emission and exchange of love between mother and little one, which generates a sensation of content and happiness for both infant and mom. The satisfied kid grows brave and in good condition and is like bliss for the whole family. The emotional affiliation between mother and baby is substantial for the spiritual wellness of the child and will mold its sociable conduct and se(x)ual aspect as a teenager and grown person.

Breast milk is the best food for child providing one excellent mixture of proteins, oily substances, carbohydrates, supplements and fluids which are well assimilated and absorbed to completely replenish the very intense growth and developing of the baby and the little child. Breastfeeding contributes considerably to the developing and maturity of the baby's alimentary tract, which is not finished until around 6 months of age. Mother's milk feeding shrinks the risk of allergic reaction, Atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma and may preserve the baby from chronic tummy illness. No bottle milk could substitute the specific elements of mother milk because powdered milks are fabricated from manufactured cow milk. The peptides of cow milk are different and hard to assimilate and some kids have digestive disorder or develop allergy and health condition for years.

Human milk includes the fatty acids essential to the development of the infant nervous system and seeing. In addition, mother's milk packs immunity elements which shield the newborn from many various contagious illnesses: gastrointestinal system contamination, breathing system infection, meningitis, ear infections and urinary system infections. Breast milk nursing is also the easiest form of feeding. Mother's milk comes always fresh, delicious, by nature sterile and warm. There is no cooking, and it is always accessible.

Mother milk feeding is pleasant for the mother also. Breastfeeding mom is providing lots of love and the perfect nourishment to her kid and lives in emotional and hormonal equilibrium. The act of lactation stimulates the convalescence of the uterus of the mother and cuts the hazard of growing a breast carcinoma, genital cancer, and endometrial carcinoma.

About the Author: Georgi Stanev is webmaster at a family website dedicated to share family life and offer free for download god wallpaper as well as Mothers day greeting cards greeting cards for all occasions in life.


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There Are Many Benefits Of Breastfeeding
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