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Swapping chores can save you money

Jason Smith

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Saving money is a big issue in today’s society. The economic downturn and previous recessions has meant that people are searching for more inventive ways to save money. One way of saving money is to swap tasks or chores. What I mean by this is the fact that you surely have friends and family that have talents and skills you don't have and vice versa. This means that you can trade your skills with there’s.

For example you friend or neighbour may love gardening where as you hate it and are rubbish at it. However you love DIY and are great at putting things together. Well in this situation you are discuss with the other person a straight swap of skills. In return for you building then there new flat packed wardrobe, they will mown and trim your garden for you. Thus saving both parties money in the long run because you will not have to pay anyone to do these tasks for you

Another example is your car needs an oil change and your friend is a mechanic. So you need to do is buy the new oil and your friends can do the rest for you. In return him and his wife can go out one evening while you look after their children.

Ok now I hear you saying “but the things I need doing I don’t have any friends and family who can do them”. In this case then you go online and visit one of the Chore Swap websites that are out there where people are making their skills available for you to swap with them. Once on one of these websites you and the person who has the relevant skill you need can decide what is fair to the both of you, depending on the type of projects or services you are swapping. There really are as many possibilities as there are chores.

Most of us have grown up with the idea of shared work for the greater good, So where places like churches, schools, charities, community associations all rely on volunteer labour, we can’t we do the same just in a slightly different way. Why not rely on the skills of others and instead of payment volunteer you specific skills to them in return. That way you get what needs to be done and all it will cost you is your time in return. It's a pretty simple concept really but one that can save you a lot of money.

If you think about it logically by swapping chores and exchanging skills for free you'll save money, your friends and family will save money and you all may be able to accomplish some tasks that would otherwise go neglected.

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