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Guide to change of nappy:


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It is clearly written in the bible that we should multiply and fill the world. For this reason, there are many babies that come to this world each day. As a result of this, mothers would we forced to know how to change the baby’s nappy. Whether you like it or not a time would come that you would have to change the baby’s nappy as a parent. There is a way that you can escape this by going through the guide to change of nappy. Your work would be easy and you would be able to change the baby’s nappy without worrying a lot.

This article would give you a brief outline of the tips that you can make use of as you make the change of nappy. For first time mothers it would be of great help as you would not have to ask for any help from anyone. The tips are quite flexible hence giving the mothers opportunity to do what they feel to be most appropriate.

Your first steps

Before you get to work, ensure that your hands are clean. This will remove germs that could be on your hands. A crucial step that most mothers fail to consider is that they are required to have several cloths at stake. This is very important; the mothers should make sure that they have all the required provisions at the changing table. Some of the supplies that you will need include: a fresh diaper, ointment, wipers to wipe the baby etc. It is also worthwhile to clean the changing table before you get to change the baby.

Removing the dirty nappy

Take caution as you lift the baby to remove the dirty diaper. You could lift the baby slightly and pull the dirty diaper close to the baby’s bottom. Another option that you could use is to place a fresh nappy underneath the baby without changing the dirty nappy. Why is this important? This would prevent the chances that the poop of the baby might make the changing table covered with poop. This is the very last thing that you would want to happen when you are using a mat to change the baby.

The straps that the babies have should be undone with lots of care. Some mothers advocate that in change of nappy a parent should remove the straps and have a peep of whether they have really pooed on the nappies. In cases where the baby has poop on the nappy then you should wipe it off as you remove the nappy. Wipe the poop as you roll it to be positioned at the bottom of the baby. Wipe again using another cloth that is clean; this will make sure that the baby is left super clean.

Use the clean nappy

Once you have cleaned your baby’s bottom this would mean that you are ready to place the new diaper (or Følsom hud bleskift as we Danes call that). Apply the right ointment before you use the new diaper. This will avoid rashes on the baby’s bottom. Once again your baby is clean and you can go on and play with them. Change of nappy is as easy as that. Just follow the steps accordingly and make it a practice.


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