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Nappy rashes - useful advice about them


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One of the common problems particularly in babies is nappy rash. It usually occurs in babies between 9-12 months of age. It can happen for any reason, whether you make use of disposable nappies or washable nappies. If your baby gets nappy rash the skin will look inflamed and red in the adjacent areas.

The rash can affect skin, genitals and also the bottom area. The affected area sometimes appears either moist or dry, and sometimes seems pimply or shiny.

Wetness is considered to be the major cause of nappy rash.

Mothers have to know that even the most highly absorbent diapers leave some moisture on the delicate skin of babies. Rashes irritate babies badly and make them uncomfortable and restless. If the baby is in a dirty nappy or diaper for long it develops the rash. It may strike on the sensitive bottom area of the baby’s skin, and results in rashes and other serious issues. Here are few tips to avoid nappy rash.

  • Always remember that dry, clean skin is, of course, happy skin.

    Urine and other irritants on the skin lead to nappy rash quickly. Make use of a wet, plain washcloth for cleaning; dry skin keeps the baby happy.

  • Change the baby’s nappy as frequently as is needed.

    It may sound tough, but with the arrival of disposable nappies you can keep your baby dry for longer time spans. Doctors and experts usually suggest changing the nappy every after 2-3 hours and also when it is soiled or wet. Diaper companies advertise that diapers last for more than 12 hours, but it is not safe for the little ones.

    If you can’t afford too many disposable nappies in a single day make use of cloth diapers. Sometimes, the baby gets a food allergy and uses many more diapers, but with cloth diapers it is more affordable for you, and you can change the nappy when it gets wet. With simple laundry you can have plenty of cloth nappies ready for the baby.

  • Never keep your baby in a nappy all day long. Give them some time in the fresh air. Simply allow them nap or play on a blanket or towel for about an hour or 30 minutes. Fresh air doesn’t cost a single penny and works marvelously. Fresh air encourages the healing of nappy rash.
  • It is important for every parent to keep an ointment or cream in their handbag or purse to protect the baby from harsh nappy rash. You don’t have to use much; a single thin layer on the affected area after properly cleaning and drying makes a huge difference when the rash is healing. Every time you change the nappy, rinse the baby’s bottom with plain water.
  • A daily bath can protect the baby from rashes. A mild pH bath emollient and baby cleanser added to the water also helps in avoiding rashes.

If your baby has a serious nappy rash (in Denmark we call those baby rød numse udslæt ) or the rash lasts a long time, then you must consult a child health specialist . Sometimes, serious skin infections look like nappy rash and lead to serious complications.


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