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Top ways to get rid of the nappy rash


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The nappy rash is common in children of nine to twelve months of age. The skin that is in contact with the nappy will appear inflamed and red. These rashes can have adverse effects on the skin of the thighs, the bottom, and the genitals. The concerned areas may be moist or dry and can also be sometimes pimply or shiny. If not treated early, the nappy rash can lead to yeast or bacterial infections. Such infections may tend to cause serious hazards on the baby’s health and thus, it is important to prevent the rash.

The types of infections caused by nappy rash:

A yeast infection may be seen in babies that consume antibiotics. They cause thrust on the bottom of the little ones. The consumption of antibiotics kills the friendly bacteria that control the growth of yeast on the baby’s body. Thus Candida or thrust is introduced as a tiny red spot which transforms into a solid mass or blotch. Bacterial infection on the other hand may lead to the pus-filled pimples and emission of yellow patches.

The ways to prevent nappy rash:

Nappy rash can be a great matter of concern to the parents too. Some of the tips to prevent the rashes are as follows: Change your baby’s nappies every three hours to avoid the growth of any bacteria. The nappy if kept for a long period can tend to be moister and cause rashes.

Make sure to improve the amount of fluids given to the baby in order to make the urine less concentrated. The more concentrated urine can be a means to develop more micro-organisms. Use a diaper rash cream after every wash or overnight to keep the skin dry.

Let the passage of air in the diaper area be more often. This helps the area be dry and it helps cure the rashes. This can be done while the baby is sleeping. The baby can be kept diaper free for some time. During nappy rash, avoid using the baby wipes. These baby wipes contain alcohol and may cause the area to burn and cause irritation. You can use a warm cloth instead and should make sure that the area becomes dry.

Baths and brands to help prevent nappy rash:

You can also give your baby a bath in warm water with two tablespoons of baking soda for ten minutes. This can be repeated three times a day and one should take care that the area is fully dried before diapering. You can also use baby talc with corn starch added of any well known brand for babies.

If you are using a specific brand of diaper for a long time, you can switch the brand and see if any changes occur. Some brands may not suit the little babies and in such cases, you can very well go for other brands.

If still the nappy rash (we Danes call it Årsager til baby rød numse )persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor as the rashes can lead to the destruction of the skin of the babies which can be painful and irritating.


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