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Needing a cure for excessive nappy rash


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When young infants get nappy rash it is a common misconception, by over protective mothers that it is their fault and they get a little paranoid when it comes to their new born. Nappy rash can be attributed to many causes and having gone through those endless nights of no sleep, as my baby healed from a case of excessive nappy rash I know all about it.

I was the mother who was over protective of their baby, never allowing anyone else to change her nappy. So when she was diagnosed with excessive nappy rash, I was devastated to say the least. I took her to the doctors and he explained it was a medical condition which with treatment can be eradicated and following some simple steps it can be avoided.

One thing I was doing wrong was not allowing my baby’s bottom to dry thoroughly; I was sealing in the dampness and causing the skin to remain wet. It was explained to me that like us in a bath, if we spend too long our skin becomes saturated and becomes white as the water blocks our pours. The baby’s skin is very sensitive and becomes sore very quickly. After washing the baby’s bottom after a wet or soiled nappy it is essential to allow the bottom to dry naturally. Do not use the talk to dry the skin as it will retain moisture and cause a rash. Once the skin has dried normally, then a thin layer of water resistant cream can be applied. This will repel the urine but it is in no way a method of changing the baby’s nappy less frequently. It is paramount, that as soon as the baby has urinated or soiled, the nappy is changed to prevent nappy rash developing.

Some baby’s may show signs of nappy rash but it is simply a reaction to the cream itself, by changing the cream the rash will subside and eventually go away. After my baby suffered from the excessive nappy rash, I allowed her to spend many an hour without a nappy on. This helps her mobility skills develop, whilst allowing fresh air to the affected areas. Even if the baby urinates on the mat, it is easily cleaned up and her clothing changed. Bearing in mind the price of disposable nappies, it is a great way to save some money and it is beneficial for the infant.

Not long after my baby’s nappy rash, I decided to try some Terry Toweling nappies when doing the diaper changing (or Følsom hud bleskift as we Danes call that), using liners to collect the stools. These are reusable and easily washed on a daily basis. The savings were enormous and I honestly think my daughter likes the natural feel of the material next to her skin. Since I started using the Terry Toweling alternative to disposables , my daughter has never suffered from nappy rash, but this is also down to my education from the doctor. One last piece of advice is how you wash the Terry Toweling nappies. Use only soap that is developed for whites and baby use. If you use the wrong soap it can cause a rash.


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