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How is Urine and Diet Related with Nappy Rash?


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Babies do not have a control over when they pass out urine or stool. Neither do they come trained about all this. This is why there is a need of diapers for them. Diapers are needed for babies until they get proper training to use the toilet. Diapers are used to control the bowel movement of the baby. However one of the concerns that baby's face with diapers is the nappy rash proper. It is known that the occurrence of rashes has something to do with the diet and also the urine.

People usually ask about the link between urine and rashes. The link is due to ammonia dermatitis. This problem occurs usually on the bottom of the baby, and the genitals, and all the parts of the skin that are in contact with the diaper. It should also be known that nappy rash could be mild as well as severe. Mild would involve a little bit of redness, and severe will involve dark red lines, and a bit of swelling at some places, making the skin look wrinkled. As a result, when urine comes in contact with the rashes on the skin, it stings. It is the moisture of the skin that makes it prone to the effects caused by friction and urine.

It is the enzyme reaction that converts urine to urea and increases the pH level. It is about what diet the baby takes which affects the working of enzymes on it. The babies, who do breast feeding, are less prone to having nappy rash. This is because there is less enzyme reaction. Now, you might be wondering what age babies we are talking about. So, here we are talking about those between 9 to 12 months. This is the time when they are breast fed. However, when baby takes in a different diet when it grows up, there is a change in the bowel movement and the enzyme activities. Many babies who have diarrhea also suffer from nappy rash.

When babies grow up and start taking more food, there is a great enzyme activity which results in the production of more acidic, and the pee or poo of the baby is then more acidic. This is also the reason for the occurrence of rashes. If the pH is high, then that prevents the forming of rashes.

To cure the problem of nappy rash (in Denmark we call it baby rød numse udslæt ), a mother could stop the use of a diaper for the babies. However this is way too difficult for many. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the skin dry when making the baby wear the diaper. Moisture can be a reason of the rashes. Oil based products should also be used to prevent moisture from reaching the skin, because it is actually the moisture from urine, or soap that results in rashes. A number of rash creams (called Creme til tør og rød hud in Denmark) are available that help in solving the problem. Vaseline is also a good solution since it is oil based. Applying them on regular basis can be very soothing for the baby.


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