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Changing a Dirty Diaper And Cleaning Your Baby


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It is so true that time makes you learn everything. Before you become a parent, you would never ever think of changing the diaper of any baby. However, when parents have to face this reality for the first time, it can be a big nightmare for them. A dirty diaper is something that gets you the feeling of nausea when you even think of it. Although you would learn the process of diaper change with time, still it is best to know everything properly before you practice it to you make it easier, and do not make any mistakes. So, for easing the diaper change part, this article will help you a great deal with a few steps.

So, for changing a dirty diaper, the first thing you will have to do is to lay the baby down on a flat surface. It is better not to keep the baby on hard surface, and instead put it on a soft blanket. In case diaper change is being done at a high surface, like a bed, you need to take care about the safety of the baby, just in case it rolls and falls down. If you change the dirty diaper, with your baby moving here and there it would only make the task more complicated for you. To keep the baby still at the time of diaper change, it is best to give it a toy so that it is busy playing with it, when you change the diaper.

Next, what you have to do is unfasten the two ends of the diaper where they stick. Start from the end that is near to you and close it and then remove it. Then take a baby wipe and wipe the baby after lifting its legs up. It is best to use moistened wipes since they are much better, and clean the place better.

Once you wipe the part that was in contact with the dirty diaper, keep the baby's legs up and if there are rashes, apply the cream and then fold the front part of the diaper, then close the sides with the sticky parts. This is how you make a diaper change (in Denmark we call it God råd om bleskift ). Place a clean diaper under the bottom of the baby, after you put some cream(or Creme til tør og rød hud as we Danes say) to prevent friction, and thus - rashes. Then you close the side tabs, that have the stick-on in them, make sure you fit it just perfectly. It shouldn't stay lose, and neither should it get so tight that it gets painful for the baby. It must not be very tight around the stomach, because otherwise, the baby will vomit immediately after feeding, you could also slide the diaper away from the stomach at the time of feeding, so that the milk the baby drinks gets into its stomach and stays there for digestion. It is very important to be very careful in terms of children, since the slightest of mistakes can hurt them a great deal. So, for the comfort of your baby, make sure you tie the diaper in such a way that it is pretty comfortable for the baby.


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