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Newborn baby care - advice and tips


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When you have not taken the responsibility of caring for a newborn, the task can be very overwhelming. This is because the baby is not independent in any way. Therefore, every parent wants to offer the best in terms of meeting the wants and needs of the baby. There are some things that are crucial in order for the baby to be taken care of properly. With the following tips that are simple to understand and use, you will not be confused even you are a new mother.

With newborn baby care, hygiene must not be observed therefore it must not be neglected be it for the baby, personal or overall hygiene. The immunity system of a newborn is not yet well developed compared to an adult. Therefore, diseases and infections can easily attack the baby even with the least carelessness. Prior to handling a baby you need to thoroughly clean your hands. The items belonging to the baby such as the beddings and clothes need to be cleaned and sanitized. For the baby not to scratch itself and to prevent dirt from accumulating, use a baby nail cutter to cut the nails. Do not forget to sterilize the baby bottle.

You need to learn the right way of changing the baby’s diapers. Every diaper must be clean and sanitized. When the diaper has been made dirty by the baby, remove it followed by wiping the baby by use of cotton balls which have dipped in water that is warm. The next step is tying the baby with another diaper. Diaper rash is common with newborns. By applying an ointment that is good it will cure the rash effectively. For proper healing, upon applying the ointment, the baby needs to stay for some hours without the diaper on it. This tip is crucial in newborn baby care in terms of skin.

Holding a baby is one of the tips for newborn baby care that is important. A newborn does not have the capability to support its head’s weight since the neck is still weak because it is underdeveloped. When picking it up, the neck should be supported using the hands every time. Since the baby is delicate, it can be hurt with ease therefore avoid making movements that are harsh and sudden with it such as to play with it or shake it. At night, the baby should sleep on its back. With each night, alternating the sides of the head is important to stop the development of a flat spot. It also must sleep for long enough without awakening it.

In terms of feeding as a tip for newborn baby care (that's called Babypleje til dit spædbarn in Denmark) it is recommendable to breastfeed. Breastfeeding helps in bonding and supplying nutrients needed in prevention of some diseases. Some mothers complain from sore nipples (in Denmark that's called Undgå ømme brystvorter ) , but that's easily treatable with lanolin, and perfectly safe for the baby. Whenever the baby is hungry, it needs to be breastfed. Per day, a newborn is nursed at an average of 9 times. Monitoring the schedule of the baby’s breastfeeding is important because when it loses interest to feed, you should visit a doctor.

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