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Take Charge of Your Life – Baby Care Tips for First Time Parents


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Being the mother of an infant is the most demanding job in the world. You will certainly need these pointers to organize your daily life. After a few days, these baby care tips will be natural for you and your baby, helping you regain your old life little by little.


Breastfeeding is something that many mothers want to do but only a few can actually do. Some aren’t capable of breastfeeding because of work while others are simply not fortunate to lactate. There are also those who just choose not to breastfeed for personal reasons. Nevertheless, breastfeeding is a matter of personal preference. You have every right to choose a feeding method for your baby.

We all know that breastfeeding has a lot of health benefits for both the mother and the baby. The first milk, also called the colostrum, is filled with antibodies which help build a strong immune system for your baby. The milk’s fat and protein help the baby gain some weight in the first few days.

If you prefer to bottle feed you baby, there are also some baby care tips for you. Make sure that the bottles are clean and sterilized. You will find many kinds of bottle sterilizers in the market. Also, choose your formula wisely. See to it that the baby’s formula is suited for your child’s age. A formula that is too rich may cause constipation to your baby. One that is too thin may cause vitamin deficiency.

Putting Baby to Sleep

If you a new parent, you probably have read many baby care tips that highlights methods on putting a baby to sleep. These reading materials may have influenced you to buy Moses’ basket or cot bed. These sleep items are ideal but when it comes to putting a baby to sleep, nothing beats keeping your child comfortable and secure. Make sure your room is well ventilated. The temperature of the room should neither be too warm nor cold. For superior baby care, wrap a nice blanker around your baby to keep him secure and snug.

Baby Care in Clothing

During summer, clothe your baby with light, cotton clothes. Don’t go out in the sun without putting on a head gear on your baby for sun protection. Another important baby care tip is to apply sun cream.

When it’s winter, you must clothe your baby with thick, wool fabrics. Remember that you need to change the diapers frequently. Hence, you want easy access to change diapers, especially when you are outdoors. While there are plenty of changing facilities, they are often packed with people. It can be uncomfortable staying in these changing facilities. Lastly, remember to bring extra clothes. You will never know when your baby may seriously stain or wet himself.

The most important baby care (that's called Babypleje til dit spædbarn in Denmark) tip every parent must follow is to spend time with your baby. Quality time with your baby can be a great way to de-stress and build a strong bond between you and your child. Don’t forget to find time for your spouse and yourself as well. Other things, such as diaper changing (that's known as Følsom hud bleskift in Denmark), feeding , etc are still important, though!


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