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For Better Future Vedic Astrology Awards a Direction


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What is Vedic or Hindu Astrology?? Vedic astrology is a predictive astrological system. It’s very inopportune that, in the land where Vedic Astrology is born, many people and even lot of astrologers have so many misunderstanding and blind confidence about some facts of astrology.

The use of Hindu Astrology covers several aspects of Human life and is designed to improved nervousness and uncertainty. It guides when anyone is interested to know about the future, love, medical issues, property issues, career options etc. As Western astrology concentrates on what future holds for person, emotional profiling and improves self understanding but Indian Vedic astrology concentrates on the practical concerns of life.

Every human being is very much curious about his future. One of the major false impression and doubts in Hindu culture or Hindu Astrology with respect to marriage is the existence of Mangala Dosha or Kuja Dosha in Lagna Kundali (Chart) of a boy or a girl. We must have seen unlimited numbers of excellent matches are being rejected by community just as the boy or the girl has Mangala Dosha there in the chart. Astrologers publicize a wrong theory and lots of people believe it. They spread the same to more and more people and soon it becomes a custom. The concepts of Vedic Astrology and Hindu Astrology are changing day by day. A horoscope match is very important before marriage. It is very much important to match a Horoscope especially in Mangal Dosha and Kalasarpa Doshta. If someone has a Kalsarpa Dosha then the spouse should also have Kalasarpa or Mangal Dosha. If anyone is not having Kalasarpa Dosh in horoscope, then it causes marital deviation.

Misconceptions about Kalasarpa Dosha, Mangal Dosha, and Sadashtak Dosha have lot of far reaching effects in our society full of superstitions. There are many astrologers who have very little idea of Shastras and Puranas. Moreover, the existing Shastras and Puranas translations are not very good and pure. In Indian Vedic Astrology . they have suggested some solutions over these Dosha’s. That way Dosha is cancelled. Otherwise both a bride and a groom should be without any Dosha in horoscope. Though it is said in Hindu Astrology still, it doesn’t work with many people. They feel that Dosha’s are cancelled and the marriages will work, but it’s a wrong understanding. As it doesn’t happen that, as it’s totally depends upon the position of Stars and planets. Indian Astrology will guide a person for future decision making or behavioral changes.

Hindu astrology has become popular thousands of years ago, but now people are interested in knowing more about the Vedic Astrology. Hindu astrology will guide a person by indicating the influence or impacts of Planets and stars on our future. There are three main methods of forecasting i. e. Vedic (Hindu) Astrology, Western and Chinese Astrology. But Indian astrology or Vedic Astrology is seen the most popular and believed as it’s highly accurate and proved by many astrologers. In Vedic Astrology we have 12 Zodiac Signs which are called as “Rashis” in Hindi. Stars and Planets play an important role in human’s life.


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