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The Basics of Baby Care


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Baby care for first time parents can prove to be a tough task and therefore they need a guide on how well they should take care of their baby. They need basic information and that is what this article is aimed at doing-providing the new parents the basics of taking care of their babies. There are so many information about baby care today of particular interest is the fact that the internet has been introduced to provide information and you will find all sort of the information on baby care there. Parents are encouraged to take sometime and search for the information that they need their.

There are some general basic information that every parent must know about baby care and this usually cover a lot of areas. The first area that I would like to discuss here is sleep. Babies need adequate sleep in order for them to grow and develop. It is important for every parent to encourage and cultivate good sleeping habits for their babies at that tender age. If a baby seems restless and he or she cannot get enough sleep or spends a lot of time crying then it means that the baby has some health problem. It is important to ensure that the area where the child sleeps is safe and conducive.

According to doctors a newborn should have at least 16 hours of sleep every day and the only thing that can stop them or awaken them is hunger which forces them to eat after every 3/4 hours. When they reach 3 to 4 months it is recommended that they should sleep for up to 8 hours.

The other thing that involves baby care is the bathing of a baby. This is a very important exercise which should be done with a lot of care. The type of soap you use is very important for the exercise because it is not just any soap because it may have some harmful effects on the skin of the child. This is an exercise that you must plan for before carrying it out. You must have the following before carrying out the exercise; soft towels, mild soap, clean diapers, blanket for cuddling after bath, shampoo, cotton balls for cleaning the eyes and a wash cloth. Everything must be at the place of bath and you should never leave the baby unattended at the time of bath.

Comforting the baby is another area of baby care (in Denmark that's known as baby rød numse udslæt ) that all parents must know and take time to learn about. This is an exercise that not so many people know how to do it. When the baby cries, you must remain calm because if you look stressed then it will be very hard to calm the baby down. The exercise that you must carry involves checking the baby’s temperature and even taking time to find out whether the baby has soiled him or herself, and changing the baby's diapers (that's God råd om bleskift in Danish)afterwards. You can even try to feed the baby because it can turn out to be an indication that the baby is hungry.


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