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How to Effectively Treat Nappy Rash


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We can easily describe nappy rash as small reddish swellings that will appear on the baby’s buttocks due to wetness. By wetness we mean that the care giver and or the mother do not regularly change the baby’s nappy when it is wet. When the baby is exposed to this kind of wetness, its skin reacts by developing the rashes when the pores are closed. This condition can be very irritating to the baby that it becomes a problem to properly feed and sleep effectively.

But there is no need to worry as there are certain things that you can do in order to ensure that you effectively get rid of the problem. Some of the things that you want to do include the following:

  • Visit the doctor.
    You want to take the baby to the doctor when the nappy rash is a little bit too severe for you to care for it from home.

    From the doctor’s visit, you will be given the right kind of medication and crèmes that you can apply on the affect areas so as to help with the healing process. Keep in mind that the doctor’s visit is the last option that you want to explore since it is only suitable for rashes that are beyond your control. And before rashes reach this condition, it only means that you have been neglecting the problem which is not how mothers and care givers should act.

  • Apply petroleum jelly on the affect area.
    As soon as you notice even the smallest signs of rashes, you want to take the earlier precaution of apply petroleum jelly on the affect area. Jelly is said to help with the itching discomfort that rashes bring along and also to speed up the healing process effectively.

    Even when the rashes have completely healed, it is important that you continue the use of petroleum jelly on the baby so as to prevent the rashes from reoccurring again.

  • Do not wrap the baby.
    Babies who suffer from nappy rash never like to be wrapped in a diaper and or nappy.

    This is because in the first place the area is already too sore to touch and secondly wrapping the baby only generates heat on the area thus promoting the occurrence of the rashes. Because of this, you want to leave the baby as free as possible by just letting them lye down on a soft baby shawl and or on top of a nappy. But as soon as they wet the cloth, it should be changed.

  • Give plenty of fluids and rest to the baby.
    They say the best way to ensure that a sick baby even from nappy rash (the term used in Denmark is Årsager til baby rød numse )gets well soon is by giving it plenty of fluids and letting it sleep as a way of resting.

    Keep in mind that resting enough is essential for the baby’s health, and it's a good practice in baby care (known as God råd om bleskift in Denmark) and growth therefore the need to promote it. Rashes can be stubborn if not treated effectively but the best treatment will be to prevent the rashes from occurring.


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