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Effective baby care with proper nutrition and healthy diet


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Many parents, who are blessed with a baby boy or a baby girl, often find it confusing to select the proper baby food in the market, which can make their baby healthy and keep it away from various diseases. The primary concern that the parents of such newbies should have, is to feed the babies with the proper baby food in order to increase the body immunity, and even keep the baby as healthy and fit as possible. Proper baby care demands the baby food to be rich with various nutrients, among which iron is very essential for the baby’s health. Gaining weight is also a very good indication, and if this increase happens in regular intervals with a constant proportion then it becomes evident that the parents are taking real care of the baby in terms of the food that their baby is consuming.

Even a child specialist medical practitioner can be consultedin order to take individual advice about the baby food that should be given for proper baby care.

When the concern of diet comes down to the breast fed babies, care must be taken that the baby is fed on demand. It has been seen via scientific and medical research that various mothers have difference in their capacities of storing the breast milk within their breasts.

But generally when a breast fed baby cries without intending to go to sleep, care must be taken to breast feed the baby as many times as possible for proper baby care. It has even been proved that rather than general milk or tin packed baby food, breast milk tends to get easily digested by the baby’s digestive system immediately within 30 to 45 minutes maximum after consumption. Thus the baby tends to become hungry very easily. Even the babies who are fed with the help of feeding bottle, proper baby care demands the sterilization of the nipples of the feeding bottles so that the baby can avoid any kind of germs and other indigestive substances. Regular and scheduled feeding of these babies who are bottle fed is also a must, though they tend to get a little less hungry than the breast fed babies in general cases.

Generally a baby should be taken to a pediatrician as regular as possible in order to check the growth in weight and other body needs.

Since a baby cannot express their feelings and problems they might face, it is advisable to take proper advice from the doctor and follow it exactly as said in order to keep the baby healthy and fit. Also it's good to pay attention to whether the diaper needs changing (we Danes call that God råd om bleskift )when your baby's crying, but you should already know that.

Often measuring the weight gained by the baby is very important in determining the baby’s health. Thus the pediatrician can really help in such cases and give the tips and tricks required for proper baby care (which is called Babypleje til dit spædbarn in Denmark).

The weight of the newborn babies actually increases in a normal scale, which pinpoints the fact that the baby is getting enough amount of food, along with the nutrition required for growth and staying healthy.


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