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Baby care basics - essentials for new parents


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If you have just become a mom for the first time in your life and you are not sure about the proper way to handle your newborn and give it the best possible baby care then you can benefit from the next few lines as they provide basic guidelines related to baby care when it comes to newborns.
First of all, if you want your baby to sleep better you should try swaddling it. Swaddling feels comforting to most newborns simply because it reminds them of the time they spent inside the womb of their mother. Swaddling can be really helpful but it is not a universal tool.

Some babies feel really comforted when they get a tight swaddle while other babies get irritated by tight swaddles and feel better when their hands are free. If swaddling works on your newborn and you have decided to swaddle it, make sure that it does not get overheated. If you over bundle your baby at night it can even lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The general rule is that you should dress your baby the way you dress yourself in order for it to feel comfortable. If your baby is sweaty or feels hot in a blanket, try putting on a diaper only before swaddling. If it continues feeling hot, stop swaddling.
Another thing many parents worry about when it comes to baby care is spoiling the child. During the first few months of the life of a child, there is no such thing as giving it too much love or too much care. A baby needs to know that its parents are there for it each time it is distressed.

Comforting your crying newborn cannot be a bad thing ever. It is very important to make sure that your baby knows that you are always going to be there for it but you can also leave your baby crying for several minutes from time to time in order to gain some independence. In case your baby is crying but you are in the middle of something you are going to be done within a few minutes, it is alright to let the infant wait.

You should also make sure that you set a proper bedtime routine for your baby from as early as possible. That's one of the essential baby care tips (in Danish that's called Produkter til babypleje ) that you should learn. There should be a bedtime story or a warm bath before you put the newborn to bed.

Such things make babies sleepy and this way you can control the time your newborn goes to bed a bit in order to fit your routine. This might not start working from the first day but in a few weeks of practicing it your baby will get used to it and will surely fall asleep easily and sleep for longer periods of time without waking you up. That way you can get all the sleep you need during the night and not be exhausted during the next day.

Also , if your child's bottom is irritated , it may need some cream (we Danes call that Creme til tør og rød hud ) to alleviate it. Taking good care of a baby is not simple but if you are ready for the challenge, you will surely handle it.


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