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Baby care: reasons why do babies cry and ways to soothe them


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Why does a baby cry?
Every baby cries from time to time. This is only natural for a baby. Healthy newborn babies cry for no less than one hour and no more than three hours every single day.
A newborn baby cannot do anything for itself so it cannot get food, comfort and warmth all alone.

Crying is a way a baby tells you that it needs one or more of those things and ensuring that it will get a response as soon as possible.
Sometimes, it might be really hard to understand what your baby is trying to tell you by crying loudly. Is the baby cold, hungry, bored, thirsty or just in need for a cuddle? If you are a parent for the first time baby care might seem like something really complicated and you might not be able to figure out your baby’s needs very fast at first.

Moreover, the crying of your baby might unsettle you. You might start thinking that something is wrong with it when all it needs is some attention. You should not worry unless there are signs that worrying is not unjustified.
However, with time you will learn how to tell what your baby needs based on the type of crying. Moreover, as the child grows it will develop other ways of showing what it needs. Therefore, baby care is only confusing at first and especially for new parents.

With age, a baby gets better with eye contact, smiling and making noises and these will also reduce its need to cry when it wants to get attention.
Some babies cry a lot more than others do or they do it at specific hours of the day, most often in the early evening. In case you cannot soothe your baby then it might be trying to tell you some of the following things:

I am hungry.
Hunger is the most common reason for a newborn to start crying loudly. The younger a baby is the more likely it is that it is hungry when it is crying.

A baby has a really small stomach that cannot hold a lot of food so if it cries for a long time try giving it some milk. It might be hungry even if you have fed it not that long ago. It is very likely that you will need to feed your baby very often at first and in case you are a breastfeeding mother this might also be helpful to make the milk come.

When it comes to baby care (in Danish that's called Babypleje til dit spædbarn ), feeding the baby is the first and most important thing that should come to mind each time you hear a cry. In case you use baby formula the feeding intervals will be longer. The crying might not stop at first but keep feeding the baby until it does.2. My nappy needs to be changed. A baby will surely start crying if its nappy stays dirty (in Denmark we call that God råd om bleskift ) for a long time so you should check for this too.


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