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Show Off Your Baby Bling


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What do you think of when you here the term baby wearing? If the vision you imagine is a granola eating hippy carrying her baby in a burlap sack, you are sadly mistaken and probably lean to the right when you talk. All joking aside baby wearing can be way more that just a totally awesome way to soothe your baby, and more than a way to get daily chores done. When you get right down to it, baby wearing is a fashion statement.

Wear your baby proudly on your chest for the whole world to see.

Baby bling as I like to call it. A great plus to this approach to transporting your baby is that people are less like to touch your baby if it means having to be all up in your grill just to do it. A winning reason in my book, and something I have never understood in the first place anyway.

It's a baby, leave them alone. Didn't their mother's teach them to look with their eyes, not their hands?

We are veering off course here. Baby bling is truly the best jewelry that you could ever wear anyway. The most stylish options to carry your baby is usually the soft back baby carriers or in most cases, baby slings. Baby slings are made out of fabric that comes in an endless supply of patterns and colors. From organic cotton to hundred percent silk there is a style to fit everyone's taste and budget.

Baby slings cover almost your whole upper body and essentially becomes more like your clothing, so it is a good idea to pick a style you love. Some people have a sling for every day of the week. Baby slings are so sparse that they are as unique as the mother and child wearing them.

Mom jeans are a thing of the past and mom slings are the wave of the future. Slings are for hip moms that know they have stuff they have to do, but they want to look good doing it. They are fancy enough for a night on the town or a day of shopping and yet still sensible enough for doing chores around the home.

Did I mention they are machine washable?

Baby wearing is great for so many other reasons than just fashion, but what a great plus it is. Of course the baby in the sling will always be way cuter than the sling itself but what a way to showcase your little bundle of joy anyway.

<p> is the author. She is a mother, passionate about teaching babywearing to parents. View her hand picked selection of the best for your baby. </p>


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Curious Minds Want to Know What Kind of Bling is Posh Spice Wearing on Her Ring .
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