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Baby Bathing Basics for First Time Moms


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Moms who have been pregnant previously are already considered experts in providing the best care for their babies. As for first time moms, it is but normal to feel a bit anxious on how to be able to perform motherly duties properly, especially when it comes to baby bathing. It can be a nerve-wracking experience to bathe the baby the first time so it would be best to seek assistance and tips on how it can be done without making any mistake. Thus, the first step is to relax and follow your motherly instincts, or better yet check these simple steps on how to do baby bathing with ease.

Essential Baby Bathing Pointers

(a) Make sure to prepare all the things needed for the bath such as the tub, baby skin care products and towel.

(b) Fill the tub with warm water at about 2 to 3 inches from the base.

(c) Carefully slip your baby into the tub using one hand to support the neck and head.

(d) Gently pour water over the baby.

(e) Use a mild soap to wash your baby with your hands or wash cloth from top to bottom, front and back.

(f) Wash your baby’s scalp with water and massage it gently using a soapy cloth.

(g) Use a moistened piece of cotton ball to clean your baby’s face, including the eye area, nostrils and cheeks.

(h) Thoroughly rinse your baby with a clean wash cloth.

(i) Wrap your baby with a towel and pat him or her dry.

Baby bathing can be performed at least twice a week, depending on the need. There are some moms who prefer to wash their baby’s face, neck and scalp with a clean wash cloth every after diaper change. It is a good thing to note though that most babies find warm water soothing.

If you do not have a baby tub with you, you can use a small basin in bathing your baby. It is recommended to perform baby bathing on the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom so as to avoid kneeling that may only restrict your movements.

Baby Skin Care after Bathing

If you have noticed redness and other forms of irritations on your baby’s skin, it would be best to apply baby skin care products such as creams and ointments for immediate healing. It is a must to use baby skin care products without any harsh content that may cause further irritate your baby’s skin. It would be best to check with your doctor to be prescribed with the right products suitable to address baby skin care issues. Applying baby oil or lotion is optional.

Indeed, baby bathing can be done easily for as long as you follow the simple pointers mentioned above. You only need to have is clear presence of mind so as to avoid any problems. It may take time for a first time mom to master essential baby bathing techniques. Your baby will definitely appreciate the love and affection as his or her comfort level is always a matter of priority.

Baby care (or Babypleje til dit spædbarn in Danish ) is a serious topic. To know more about it you may want to click here

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