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Babysitters & Nanny Services Canada – How to Find a Nanny or Babysitter


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The whole world around a woman changes when a baby is born. It is kind of a rebirth for the mother. With all this happiness it also adds to the responsibility of the parents. Feeding, bathing, massaging and taking care of each and every requirement of the baby are big tasks in itself. It needs experience, knowledge and a lot of patience to bring up a kid. Not only this, the feeding mother herself needs rest to regain her energy. It becomes very difficult for the mother to work the whole day, take care of the baby and then spend sleepless nights in case the infant is not ready to sleep or is ill. As a result both mother and child suffer. It affects their health and mental peace. In such situation if someone like a nanny or a baby sitter is there to take care of the baby, it is of great help. Now the question is how to find babysitters and Nanny Services in Canada? It is very important to find a good nanny who knows what a child needs? According to Mary O'Connor, the former president of the International Nanny Association, “Experience is what counts the most" so, keep this thing in your mind always when you are going to take interview for nannies. Safety training should also rank high on the wish list, and a background in early childhood development is a definite plus.

Steps to find nannies or babysitters in Canada

  • Step one: Identify your priorities

First, decide what you want. And make a list of your priorities and expectations for nannies when you go for interview.

  • Step two: Do your research

Ask friends and family to ask around among their contacts — references from someone you know will be the most reassuring.

  • Step three: Interview

Talk to as many applicants as you can. Ask specific questions about their work experience and child rearing philosophies as well as personal habits and background. Be sure to include your child when you meet with candidates so you can see how the two of them interact.

  • Step four: Check references

Once you have narrowed it down to a few good contenders, call their references. In order to know the weaknesses and strengths of a nanny, ask to their former employers that why they left the previous job as it is very important thing to know. You will want to hear how she has and has not worked out for other families.

  • Step five: Do a trial run

Ask any finalists for a few days’ trial run. Pay each for her time and observe how she interacts with your child. There is no better way to make a decision than to see for your self how a nanny is on the job.

Signs of a good Nanny Services

  • Your child lights up at the first sight of her- Kids look forward to the time they spend with their nanny if she is warm, caring, and patient.
  • Your kids can not stop talking about all the wonderful things she says and does.
  • She comes up with creative solutions to problems and works with you to provide the best possible care for your child.
  • She arrives on time- She gives you ample warning when she is unable to care for your child because of an emergency and even helps you find a substitute caregiver.
  • She makes an effort to stay connected
  • Your child volunteers new songs and words and shows off his many projects.
  • The cleanliness of your child's cloths and his room indicates the excellent care for him.
  • Accidents are infrequent. Of course tumbles will happen, but a good nanny makes safety a priority.

Signs of a bad nanny or baby sitter Services

  • Your toddler is not happy to see the nanny or babysitter and has become anxious and withdrawn.
  • Your nanny seems secretive about the daily routine. How your toddler and his caregiver spend their time should not be a secret.
  • You notice your requests are not followed.
  • She seems critical of the way you are raising your child
  • She often shows up late. An unreliable child caregiver can go away when you need him/her the most.
  • Your toddler often looks unkempt and dirty.
  • Never ignore few things in case of your nanny like if she/he steals, lies and insincere in his work.

Starlet is HR manager at GC Nexus Group, caregivers & nanny placement agency specialize in recruiting best live in nanny, caregivers and professionals from Asia, South America and the Caribbean to Canada. It offers nannies, babysitting services for your child by professional caregivers.


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Issues to Be Raised When Interviewing Nanny Applicants (With a Little Help From .
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