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Does a Babies Food Have to be so Bland


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There's a tradition under western culture that babies are usually weaned onto bland, smooth baby foods and that anything more intriguing must wait, and come later. Yet with the increasing waistlines in the western world you can find those who are thinking of whether or not we have been doing things completely wrong, and whether we should aim for a more wide-ranging approach for our weaning foods.

Many parents fear providing more exotic food items early on, thinking that medically there's a requirement of a certain approach for weaning. This may be due to the fact a large number of pediatricians advocate a particular diet program, but the reality is that there is simply no health-related need and zero scientific foundation for the utilization of bland foods.

In fact, this bland food diet program is a peculiarity of the Western way of life-it isn't the norm around the world. In nations where loads of spiced, or curried foods are consumed it is perfectly normal to offer these to your baby as soon as they start to wean.

Now these aren't hot, or a heavily spiced food. To start with the baby's foods might be taken out of the cookware before a lot of the spices or herbs are added but as time passes the spicing is increased to the point that they are eating the standard table foods of the family members.

These food types usually are not hot, and so are unlikely to contain lots of chilli and similar seasonings. Instead they normally use the more tasty and fragrant spices, including garlic as well as ginger root, coriander among others that may supply essential vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients that aren't present in so high an amount as in spices and herbs.

The most important things to keep in mind is that you should never, ever, add salt for your baby's food. Not only is it unnecessary, we have a chance that it can affect their health. The truth is salt can kill a small baby in large enough amounts. However there is nothing to stop you from using various other spices or herbs as part of your baby's food.

Add them in little by little and following the regular rules of weaning. Add a little at a time and only include a single new spice at any given time. Give four days in between the introduction of each and by doing so you can be sure that your baby is not hypersensitive to any of them, and can easily take away the offending herbs or seasonings before they cause any problems.

Select the spices or herbs that you include carefully so they go with the foods that you have prepared. Never add hot spices or herbs that may upset sensitive tummies and turn your baby off their solids, but rather opt for flavors which make the dishes which you offer more interesting.

With a broad enough palate from which to choose as well as lots of variety, your baby will have an excellent start in life. Remember that early eating habits help to form life long food preferences.

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