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Cure Colic

Ashish K Arora

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A colicky baby is something that can make the world of a mother turn upside down if she does not know how to cure colic. Aside from the fact that the mother would be on edge as to the real cause of the crying and wailing of her baby, if she is still unaware of the nature of colic, she would be very distraught at the scene her baby would be making if it so happens she and her baby are on a public place. Even at home, a mother would still find it troublesome if she does not know how to cure colic problems of her baby effectively.

The wailing of a baby due to colic can be very disturbing especially at night. A mother can just imagine how her neighbors would feel with the continued crying of her baby at night when they are dead tired from work and would like to sleep peacefully. This is the most aggravating circumstances that a mother had to watch out if she does not have any idea how to address this very embarrassing problem a mother can have with her baby.

One of the favored ways in which a mother can temporarily cure colic of her baby is by carrying her baby in her arms and singing sweet lullabies. This can assuage the baby's natural tendency of looking for his or her mother's voice and the feeling that his mother is at his side. Hearing his mother's voice and feeling that he is in his mother's arms will tend to minimize the discomfort of the baby caused by colic.

It is also validated by studies that one of the causes of colic in babies is the excessive air in their intestines that would add to their discomfort. It is noted that this excess air is caused by their suction of milk from their feeding bottles with over used nipples. Over used nipples of baby milk feeding bottles will tend to have large holes on them due to constant sucking. This would result to a larger amount of air that would go inside their system every time they would suck milk from these used nipples.

Thus, the remedy here is always use newer nipples with small holes. It would be best for a mother to inspect the hole of the nipple from time to time to make sure that the nipple still maintains the right size of hole on it. This is to make sure your baby won't ingest a lot of air sucking from his milk feeding bottle with an over sized hole.

For a mother to effectively cure colic of her baby, she has to be guided accordingly with the proper and needed information to address this troublesome, irritating and embarrassing problem.

In fact, there is a great guide and information available online for mothers who are in desperate need to cure colic of their babies. Check out the Curing Colic Guide Review


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