Potty Training At Daycare and Preschool


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With 61% of children between the ages of birth and 6 years in daycare, it's important that parents work closely with their child's care provider while potty training. When you child is ready for potty training, the right potty training guidance and supplies can make all the difference.

Be Sure Your Child Is Ready – Before you begin potty training, make sure your child is ready. Your child should show the following signs of potty training readiness:

  • Expresses an interest in the potty
  • Express the need to go potty (verbally or through body language)
  • Able to dress and undress
  • Uncomfortable in wet diapers
  • Stays dry for two hours
  • Imitates family members
  • Interested in big kid underwear
  • Has regular bowel movements

    Introduce Potty Training - If your child is in daycare, he or she will probably notice that there are other children around who wear cotton underwear and use the potty. This kind of light peer pressure can motivate your child to want to use the potty. Start introducing the idea by watching a potty training book or video together. Be sure and tell your child's daycare provider that you are beginning the potty training process. You child's daycare provider can help by watching for signs of potty training readiness and answering questions from your child.

    Discuss the Plan - When you begin potty training your child, discuss your plan with your child's daycare worker. He or she has probably potty trained many children and may have some useful tips and tricks. Make sure your potty training methods are similar.

    Set Potty Training Rules - Work together to set some basic potty training guidelines. For example, agree that your child will not be punished for accidents and that you'll give stickers as rewards for using the potty. The potty training process will be easier for your child if both you and the child care worker are providing the same potty training guidance.

    Progress Reports - Speak with the childcare provider often to exchange progress reports. Both of you need to be aware of any successes or potential problems. If the daycare worker tells you that your child used the potty earlier that day, be sure and tell your child that that you heard about his or her success and that you are proud of him or her.

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