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Jennifer Gibbs

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There is something so amazing and joyous about watching a little kid as they learn something new. There’s a sparkle in their eye and an unashamed pride in their step. And suddenly, you’re wearing a goofy grin on your face and taking credit for his genetic make-up. Fortunately for us (and them) it’s a little bit addictive, but every time you turn around, they’ve found yet another way to impress us.

My four (almost five, if you ask him) year old is really big on writing, and is doing a tremendous job recognizing, reading and writing small four and five letter words. What really turned him on to this wonderful world of writing (besides the fact that every time he turns around Mommy’s busy doing it) is a wonderful new teacher’s resource that showed up at his half day Pre-K class – laminated, erasable writing tablets.

Sounds easy, right? You figure you’d find them everywhere, right?

Well, it’s not quite that simple. Sure, you can probably find them online, at sometimes scary prices, but what about right now?

Well, if you’re close to an office supply store, or your office IS its own supply store, you’re well on your way to fulfillment.

But before you get ahead of yourself, you’ll need a few things.

  • 15-30 pre-printed “templates" (You can find these in regular Pre-K curriculum, find and print them online, or even design your own: try to focus on letters, or words, or numbers, but group them logically in individual lesson books for easier comprehension)

  • A 1- or 3-hole punch

  • Either a folder or the three metal rings to bind the final pages together

  • A few dry-erase markers (kid sized, not the huge kind for whiteboards)

    If you have a laminator in your office or home office, laminate each of the pre-printed templates. You can be plain or creative in the delivery, it doesn’t really matter, and your kids will be having enough fun writing that you won’t need to entice them too much. If you don’t have the equipment, simply check with your office supply store’s print shop and see if they can do it for you. Or, as a final resort (with an added benefit of changeability) you can simply slide the templates into paper protectors (like the kind you use for special reports).

    Got that now? Well, if so the only thing left is the test drive!

    Simply bring each of the items home, do a quick demonstration (and believe me, it’ll be quick - my son was very quick to commandeer the markers) and for, well, at least the next half hour, you’ll all be lost in some much needed mental bliss.

    And, with a little practice and a lot of fun, you’ll be that much closer to the joy of hearing your child read YOU the bedtime story!

    Jennifer Gibbs is a successful freelance writer who lives in South Georgia with her husband and son. For more great articles, or to learn more about her writing experience and rates, check out http://www.JenniferGibbs.com .

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