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Child's Car Seat Law - Visitors to the UK Will Also Be Prosecuted


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In September 2006, the UK law regarding child restrains in vehicles came into effect. The UK government carried out a number of high profile advertising campaigns in an effort to educate and inform the UK general public of the unnecessary injuries and deaths of improperly restrained children in vehicles as well as the upcoming legal requirements under the UK Child's Car Seat law. The awareness campaigns were by and large regarded as a great success and even more importantly statistics from the Transport Research Laboratory show an immediate improvement of a further 2% of children being restrained in vehicles on UK roads. It is still too early to establish whether the new UK Child's Car Seat law will have the ultimate benefit of actually protecting and saving children's’ lives, but the early signs of compliance by parents can only lend itself to believing it will.

The UK laws regarding child restraints in vehicles are now some of the most stringent and intentionally unambiguous in the world today and cover any person within the UK. It is, therefore, understandable that the huge number of visitors to the UK would not be aware of the new requirements. Adult visitors to the UK are subjected to the same legal responsibilities for safe passage in vehicles as those living in the UK and perhaps more importantly, face the same legal prosecution standards for failing to comply. Currently if you are caught, non-compliance will be subject to a maximum fine of £500 if the case goes to court. However, in the case of a minor, the adult driver bears the responsibility and will be subject to the same financial penalty. Financial penalties are one thing, however, there is much debate currently regarding the criminal implications of adult failure to comply with the Child's Car Seat law in the event of an accident that results in negligent injury or death of the child. This particular instance has still not been tested in a court of law in the UK, but it is only a question of time before such a court precedent is set.

For the vast majority of visitors and parents to the UK, the new rules and regulations will not have any effect, as most responsible adults unwittingly comply with the new law anyway. After all, if you have a baby or a young child, it would be almost instinctive to either place them in an appropriate car seat or use the car safety belts provided in the car. Car rental companies in the UK, if pre-warned, are usually able to provide the necessary standard of child car seat as well. The UK government's message is clear - be responsible, ignorance of the rules is no excuse and even as a visitor to the UK, compliance with the Child's Car Seat law is mandatory.

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