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Delve Into the Motherload! Search the Top 100 Baby Girl Names For New and Creative Naming Ideas


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Looking at a list of the top 100 baby girl names may be a good way to come up with some ideas and inspiration for helping you to find the perfect name for your baby. Parents-to-be are very careful to look at a variety of names before choosing one for their own little princess. Top 100 lists are a fun way to check out which names are popular, and you can always look to see if your own name is included, and how popular it may be. Some names that you'd think are quite common may not make the list at all, and old favorites may offer a bit of a surprise when you see how high on the top 100 list they actually appear.

Today, several of the top baby girls’ names include Olivia, Emily, Isabella, Abigail and Sophia. These names have been favorites over many years, and have risen and fallen in use and popularity, but have never been removed from the list of top 100 baby girl names. Other top names include Hannah, Madeline, Hailey, Kaitlyn and Madison. It is not uncommon to find several girls with these names in the same class in most schools today.

One of the names that appears to be on a steep decline is the name Rebecca which is a traditional and much loved name, but is not being used by many of today's parents. Trends can be noted in favorite names, but often there is no real reason for some names to be chosen while similar ones are discarded. Some people tend to choose names based on what others are selecting, so this tendency to follow the pack may be the root cause.

Many of the newest names to come into lists each year are driven by Hollywood stars and television. People have a great desire to name their babies after their icons, and this has resulted in names like Jessica, Ashley and Morgan making recent splashes on the list. Addison is another girl's name that may owe its top 100 listing to Hollywood. When Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn were top stars, there were thousands of babies given those names in their honor.

Some of the other names that have made it to the year's top 100 list for girls include Katherine, Alexa, Gabrielle, and Riley. It may be several years to see which of the newcomers have staying power, and which ones may decline drastically and quickly be removed. One instance of a name which hurtled to the top and then lost ground in the ‘70's and 80's, was Farrah. This is a name that was once in the top five names in the country, but is now unable to crack even the bottom five.

Finally, here is the complete list of top 100 baby girl names from 2007. Let it help you in your search to find the perfect name for your new baby girl:

Emily, Isabella, Emma, Ava, Madison, Sophia, Olivia, Abigail, Hannah, Elizabeth, Addison, Samantha, Ashley, Alyssa, Mia, Chloe, Natalie, Sarah, Alexis, Grace, Ella, Brianna, Hailey, Taylor, Anna, Kayla, Lily, Lauren, Victoria, Savannah, Nevaeh, Jasmine, Lillian, Julia, Sofia, Kaylee, Sydney, Gabriella, Katherine, Alexa, Destiny, Jessica, Morgan, Kaitlyn, Brooke, Allison, Makayla, Avery, Alexandra, Jocelyn, Audrey, Riley, Kimberly, Maria, Evelyn, Zoe, Brooklyn, Angelina, Andrea, Rachel, Madeline, Maya, Kylie, Jennifer, Mackenzie, Claire, Gabrielle, Leah, Aubrey, Arianna, Vanessa, Trinity, Ariana, Faith, Katelyn, Haley, Amelia, Megan, Isabelle, Melanie, Sara, Sophie, Bailey, Aaliyah, Layla, Isabel, Nicole, Stephanie, Paige, Gianna, Autumn, Mariah, Mary, Michelle, Jada, Gracie, Molly, Valeria, Caroline, Jordan.

Finding great baby girl names is not such an easy task. For a dazzling choice of many more naming possibilities and to learn how you can access an excellent naming tool visit


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