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New For Infants - G Diapers

Jackie Lee

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Over the last decade there has been increasing awareness of the problems with disposable diapers, not only environmental problems, but there are growing health concerns surrounding them. They take up huge amounts of landfill space, they contain chemicals in the diapers that are being put next to your infants skin, in fact, there are some studies showing there has been an increased in problematic *** development thought to be partly caused by the diapers. There is a growing concern about contaminating ground water from the feces being thrown away in disposable diapers. Did you know you are supposed to flush the feces before throwing them away? The best alternative is to use cloth diapers. I understand not everyone can do that.

Now there is an alternative, something new for infants, G diapers.

G diapers are a mix between disposable diapers and cloth diapers. This can be a great compromise for new moms who just don't have the time or inclination to use cloth diapers.

G diapers are a new flushable diaper. They are environmentally friendly, since you flush them down the toilet they do not add to the landfill. Babies are less likely to get diaper rash as they are “breathable". They are comfortable and easily fit most infants.

There is no elemental chlorine and no perfumes leaving your child less likely to react badly to these diapers. These ingredients in disposable diapers sometimes increase the amount of diaper rash a baby may experience.

These diapers are cute, coming in nice colors and not bulky - which can be a problem with cloth diapers. They also fit snugly to help contain leaks.

The process of using a g diaper is pretty easy. You receive a two part system. The reusable “g pants", and an absorbent insert. You insert the pad into the snap in liner and you are good to go. When the pad becomes soiled you simply unsnap and pull open the pad. You then dispose of it in the toilet by giving it a little swish with the swish stick (which is provided).

Many parents are finding the new g diapers for infants are curing terrible cases of diaper rash. Many state they have tried many different diapers but had no luck curing their infants diaper rash until they found the g diapers.

If you are looking for an alternative to both cloth diapers and disposables you might find that g diapers are the new diaper for infants

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