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Making Great Baby Food - Five Top Tips


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Are you considering making your own baby food? Great choice! Cooking for a baby is not hard if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Here's what you should do:

Plan it

Being a new parent - probably a mom - you are not likely to have huge amounts of time. So careful planning of the baby food cooking will make everything so much easier. Get a few recipes that seem tasty, healthy and easy to follow and go get the ingredients. Also remember to only include ingredients that are appropriate for your baby's age.

If it is the first time you are to cook according to a particular recipe, don't plan to make 20 servings. There is a risk that your baby simply won't like the dish! Plan for four to five servings or so, so that you can offer the dish a few times and see if your baby accepts the taste. Babies often need a little bit of time to get used to new tastes and textures.

If you have a picky baby, experiment with mixing a lot of something he or she really likes with a bit of some other taste.

Cook it

Now pick a time when your baby is likely to stay asleep for a while or is usually content at least. Or make sure you have someone else take care of your baby if you are in the middle of the cooking.

Now get going with your cooking. Follow whatever recipes you have chosen or simply follow your inspiration. Remember to not add salt or sugar and cook rather than fry the ingredients. Steam cooking is great for keeping the nutritious substances in the food. Or cook in as little water as possible.

When mashing or straining the food (depending on your baby's age and preferences), remember that you can always add some boiled water, formula or breast milk to the mixture if it becomes too thick. Adding some of the water that you cooked the ingredients in will add a little bit of more taste.

Taste it

Don't forget to taste the food! If you like the taste, chances are much higher that your baby will too. Babies are small and inexperienced with solid foods, but they are still humans, remember. . . Dried dill is an herb that many babies like, so that is one herb you can try seasoning the food with.

If your baby is awake and content, why not let him or her taste a little bit too? Just don't burn your baby!

Freeze it

After you're done, don't just put the food in a jar in the fridge unless you plan to use it all within a day or two. Get an ice cube jar for the purpose and freeze the food in baby servings. Then you can easily pop a cube or two and serve it to you child later on.

Waste it

Never risk your baby's health by serving food that can be too old. Babies’ stomachs are sensitive. Anything that seems suspicious, smells weird or has been stored in the fridge for more than 48 hours should go.

Good luck with your cooking!

Fore more baby food tips, recipes, picky eater tips and more, visit This site is dedicated to simplify your life with a new baby and provides tips on everything from breastfeeding and getting your baby to sleep to how to take care of your post-pregnancy body.


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