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Baby Curtains - A Hard Choice Made Easy


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Yes, it can be a hassle. We, my wife and I, were on the same boat as many of you, parents to be, not too long ago. Our quest began with choosing the right colors for paint job, trough choosing the right furniture, to the last but not least nursery decor.

And there it was, a big obstacle to overcome. It was called baby curtains. Yes I know, if you are a man reading this, your first words running trough your mind must be the same as they were in mine: “What is the fuss choosing the right baby curtains?". But it is. I didn't knew this until I've started researching on the internet.

But first, let me take you a little bit back into the past.

When making decisions on baby nursery, my wife and I knew, choosing the right curtains, will be a hard nut to crack, that's why we decided to leave this matter, till everything else was decided on, till the end. And so we did.

It was approximately three weeks before the birth date was set, when the time to choose baby curtains was due. My wife, now in her high pregnancy was eager to finish the job before our kid was born. And so was I.

We went to look for the right curtains in gazillion stores. And I mean that, cause where we live there are many of them in 50 miles radius. And she wanted to see them all. Imagine my pain, when I came out of the 6th store, yet again how was I feeling at 20th.

I decided to call it a rest. So we agreed that I should make a scientific research on baby curtains over the internet, to help us save time and money. And what a decision was that. I indeed have spent a lot of hours in front of my computer, but it was worth of. My wife had to rest, since there was no one to drive her around and I excelled at this chore.

As I've found out, internet offers a huge collection of baby curtains. Of course a majority of them are peanuts, like my mentor Ed Dale would say, but there are some really good ones.

When choosing baby curtains you need to take under consideration the next factors:

  1. Thickness: A curtain to thick will prevent the light and air coming to a nursery. We all know how important is light when the child's perception is in question. Light forms structures which develop the child's imagination and the development of the brains itself. Air is the other factor when thickness is in question. Using thick curtain will prevent a normal flow of air and soon it could happen that there is a lot of stale air in your child's room.
  2. Length: How long should a baby curtain be? That is in my opinion the easiest question to answer. Taking under consideration the above factors, you need to ask yourself: Do I wish my child being able to reach curtains? Do I need him to hide behind the curtains? How about climbing up the curtains? . . . The answer is obvious and simple. Baby curtains MUST be short. In that way we can prevent many unwanted disasters.
  3. Color: I've touched this topic already, from another perspective but still, when the light was in question. Colors play a similar role in child's development. Can you imagine yourself growing up in a dark room, with no colors? Or even in a completely white one? Colors of baby curtains should be carefully picked. Pastel colors are most commonly used, but not the rule. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from, just keep off the extremes.

So, dear reader, there you have it. I hope I've helped you and made your path more easy. And remember; when making this kind of decisions it usually helps to use common sense.

Shay Teagan,

Dad On A Quest,

Author of Baby Curtains Blog.


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