Selecting The Right Baby Name Can Be Hard


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Hey lets face it it's your child and you have the right to name the new infant whatever your heart desires. Do not be influenced by in-laws or pestering family members. In this article I will give you a few tips on what you can do when deciding your newborns name.

First thing is first is to take your time. Don't rush into it that is the worst thing you can possibly do when narrowing down a baby name. Never settle on a name that you are not 100 percent positive on. It can and will last a lifetime! Believe it or not you do not need a baby name before birth. Some parents actually have waited almost 3 weeks after birth before deciding on that perfect child name.

The next tip I recommend is to carefully look at the spelling of the name. One thing me and my husband avoided was naming our child with the same letter of our last name. This can end up being a tongue twister and cause some teasing too. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but you may just want to stay clear of naming your child with the same letter as your last name.

This next tip is probably fifty/fifty on the do we really care list. Do you care about the actual meaning of your soon to be baby's name? Some parents don't really care or even research the meaning of the name. For example, we narrowed down our male name to Corey which means humorous (just like his dad).

My final tip is to recite your choices out loud. Yeah it may sound a little whacky but it works! Say the infant name and even include the middle name (whole other can of worms) and listen to the flow. Believe me one of your choices will click and stay with you. Some of the names that me and my husband liked on paper sounded horrible when saying them out loud. I hope these tips help you select the right baby name. One more thing, have fun with it!

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