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How to Stop Nighttime Bed Wetting


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You've finally gotten them out of diapers and you think you're home free. But that's not always the case with some children. Bed wetting is a common problem with some children and it can go on for many years. Sometimes there may be a medical reason for it and sometimes not. It is a problem that can be very frustrating for parents and children. If your child wets to bed, than here are some ideas for you.

Helpful Ideas for Bed wetting

It is a good idea to check with your child's pediatrician to make sure there is not a medical reason for the bed wetting such as diabetes, small bladder or urinary tract infection. It is especially important to have a through physical examination if your child is seven or older and still having wet nights. If there is no medical reason for your child's bed wetting, there are still ways to help both you and your child cope with the problem.

  • Make sure you have plastic sheets or a waterproof mattress cover on your child's bed.

  • There are nighttime diapers available that fit older children. These however can be both a blessing and a curse. They can prevent you from getting up every night to change the bed, but they also give the child the go-ahead to wet themselves.

  • Make sure you have a set bedtime for your child. An overly tired child in a deep sleep has a harder time awakening to go to the bathroom.

  • Encourage your child to drink more fluids throughout the day. This will train their bladder to hold more urine. Don't allow your child to drink caffeinated drinks, as these are a natural diuretic.
  • Make sure your child has a clear path to the bathroom. This can be achieved with some night lights to light the way.

  • Try to reduce any stress that could be contributing to your child's problem. Has there been a change in the family or at their school. Talk to your child to make sure there isn't something they are overly stressed about especially if the bed wetting has come on suddenly.

  • If your child does have an accident, make sure they help clean it up by taking sheets and blankets to the laundry room. This is not a form of punishment but simply reminds them that they must take responsibility for their actions and accidents.

  • Take your child to the bathroom before you go to bed at night. They may not stop the bed wetting but it will help train your child's bladder to release on the toilet during the night instead of the bed.

    Remember. . .
    It is important to remember that no child wets to bed at night on purpose. This is often a humiliating and unpleasant experience for them. So never punish or criticize your child for wetting the bed. Instead practice positive reinforcement. If they have a dry night make sure you praise them for it.

    Usually with a little patience and understanding, the bed wetting will become less and less. However, in some cases children can wet the bed well into their teens. There are bed wetting alarms that go off when they detect moisture or your doctor can prescribe certain medications that may help with the problem.

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