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Gothic Baby Names Where Did Those Names Come From?


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"A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet. " One of the first decisions you have to make for your newborn is what to name him or her. Holy cow what an awesome responsibility! Remember when you were younger and wanted to change your name because you did not like it? Or maybe you remember the kid in school that always got picked on because of their name.

Names are very important. Think of all the companies that have think tanks to come up with an appropriate name for their business! How on earth are you going to come up with a name that will encompass who your child is when you do not know them yet?

Family names are always a safe source for naming your child. They often pay tribute to the person your child is being named after. But what if you would like to be a bit unusual or would like to depict a certain period of time. Take for instance Gothic names. The history behind some of the names is surprising.

Take for instance the name Abraxas. This name holds a Greek origin and means “a mystical word". Thomas More also touches upon the name Abraxas as a synonym for Utopia.

Would you like to use an old Italian name? How about Belladonna, meaning beautiful woman. However, as you dig deeper into its meaning, belladonna is a plant that is extremely toxic to humans and many animals. This poison was used in eye drops to make the pupils dilate; eventually rendering the user blind. In addition, Belladonna is the name of a famous erotic actress in the United States. Yikes!

Other names do not have such an infamous connotation. Take Dolores, for example. This Gothic name hails from Maria de los Dolores meaning “Mary of Sorrows". Its origin is Spanish and peaked in popularity during the 1930's and 1940's.

Hannibal hails from the Phoenician, meaning “the grace of the god Ba'al". He was a 3rd century Carthaginian general who, during the second Punic War, attacked Rome.

The old Russian name Vlad means “to rule". However, in Romania, Vlad means demon or evil. The story of Dracula was based on the evil ruler Vlad Tepes. Hmm. . . do you want your child to be associated with Dracula?

Let's give Lucifer a try. The origin of this name comes from the Latin meaning “carrier of the light". Originally it was an alternative title for the Babylonian king used in a passage in the book of Isaiah. Interesting. But myth eventually made it into a byname for Satan!

So many names have deviated from their origins that it is difficult to get past the present day meaning. Yet, Gothic names are fraught with deeper meanings that are a complete opposite of their current connotations. Choose your baby's name wisely for you do not want him or her to resent you for their chosen name!

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