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Babies Cry! What Can You Do To Stop It?

Joseph Peterson

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I am a grandpa and I know that babies cry. And why not! They can't speak, they can't tell you what they need, so if they want to communicate to you they cry!

Because we know that babies will cry, there is no way around it, but you can do some things to reduce the number of times that a baby cries, and reduce the length of time they cry.

Try to deal with your baby before they start crying. If you can do this then the odds are that they will cry less, and when they do cry it will be for a shorter period of time.

That's all fine and dandy, but how do you deal with your baby before they start crying? The answer is a two part answer.

  1. Learn why babies cry
  2. Anticipate that the circumstances are such that your baby may start crying and then eliminate or reduce the circumstances that will lead to the crying.
So here it is, why do babies cry, and what can you do to minimize the crying?
  • Reason # 1. Baby has pooped or wet their pants and they need changing. To anticipate this problem check you baby's diaper regularly. One of my daughters has a feel test, she puts a finger on to the diaper to feel if baby is wet. The same daughter also has a smell test. She picks up baby and takes a whiff of the area that is covered by the diaper. If the baby needs changing do it before the crying begins.
  • Reason # 2. Baby wants to be held. They want to be close to mom or dad. They want to hear familiar voices, feel familiar touches. Many babies have a routine, such as after being changed or after being fed they want to be held. Learn what your baby needs and if they need to be held after being changed for example then pick them up. If you are not always able to pick baby up consider using a baby carrier such as a Heart to Heart baby sling or BabyTrekker carrier. That way baby can be held and you can still have your hands free.
  • Reason # 3. Baby is hungry. Learn to watch for the signs that your baby is hungry. When you baby is hungry does he or she start to fuss, make noises, etc. If it is close to the time to feed baby do so before they start to cry. Another suggestion is to keep a journal where you can record the time of the day, the signs that the baby is making indicating that they are hungry, and what happened when the baby was fed.
  • Reason # 4. Baby is either too cold or too hot. Most babies, especially newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm. Try to avoid situations where the baby will feel cold. If stepping outside make sure baby is well bundled. If changing the baby's clothes make sure that you are all set with everything you need so that you can quickly make the change and get your baby wrapped back up again.
  • Reason # 5. Baby has had too much excitement. If you are out visiting with family and friends and your baby's routine is changed it may be difficult for the baby to take it all in. When you are out and about with your baby periodically take some time away from everything and everyone to have some calm and quiet time with just you and baby.
  • Reason # 6. Baby doesn't feel good. Eventually you will be able to distinguish the crying that happens when your baby is not feeling well versus the cry that means that baby is hungry or uncomfortable. When you baby is crying with that “I'm not feeling well cry", make sure that there isn't a piece of clothing that is causing the crying. If that isn't the problem take their temperature. If their temperature is above normal or if the crying persists contact your doctor.
  • Reason # 7. Mystery reason. There is no real reason why the baby is crying. It's their normal fussiness crying. Here are some things that you can do to help to soothe baby.
    • Wrap baby up and hold him or her close
    • Put baby in a baby sling carrier and start moving. Quite often the motion of being carried will calm the baby
    • Rock gently in a rocking chair
    • Take baby for a car ride
    • Take baby for a walk in their stroller
    • Touch the baby with slow and gentle movements of your hands. This is especially useful when the baby's back or belly is rubbed.
    • Let the baby suck on their pacifier

Joe Peterson writes for Baby Travel Planet. They sell Dreamer Design Baby Jogging Strollers, BabyTrekker and Heart 2 Heart baby carriers to customers in Canada and USA. Baby gear and baby travel tips that make travel with baby happier, safer, easier and affordable!

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