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Parent & Baby Activity 0 - 3 months

Tina Rychlik

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It is important to feel close to each other. You should speak to your baby about what you want to do. What sounds and textures does your baby like?

Create a relaxed atmosphere where baby feels warm and comfortable. Remove all jewellery from your hands.

0 to 3 months

" Try lying baby on his belly and stroke down from the back of his head to his bottom. This should encourage baby to hold his head up a little longer.

" Lie baby on his back. Show him a colourful toy. Once baby has looked at it, move it slowly away and hide it behind your back then show him the toy again. Once he is concentrating on it, move it around slowly, twist it and shake it a little then hide it behind your back again making sure he is following your movements. Keep repeating until baby follows the toy with his head and eventually his hands.

" (from around 2 months) For this exercise you will need two people. Lay a thick blanket on the floor and put baby in the middle on his back: each person takes hold of two corners of the blanket and lifts it carefully off the ground. Slowly and gently swing the blanket to the left and right. Babies really enjoy the different feelings this produces. The older and more confident the baby is, the higher you can swing.

" Take a ball (approx 10 to 13 ins in diameter) with a string attached to it and hold it over baby's feet (not over his head as you don't want to frighten him). Baby should start to kick the ball; when he sees the movement it should encourage him to kick a little more.

With the same ball you can try:

" Lay your baby over the ball on his front so his feet still touch the floor. It is important to hold baby tight and never let go. Move him slowly back and forth on the ball: this movement should encourage baby to hold his head and perhaps even push himself along the ground.

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