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Health of Your Child - One Simple Change Can Save The Life of Your Child


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Why should three-year-old Jason Whitley have died a lingering and horrible death after swallowing three ounces of hair conditioner? Two weeks after drinking the liquid, which contains ammonia, the boy dies.

And why should seven-month-old Adrian Gonzales have died? He crawled through a puddle of spilled laundry bleach which gave him third-degree burns on 50 percent of his tiny body, and burned his lungs from the fumes as well. It took him four agonizing days to die.

And why should little Peter Schwab have suffered so much? When he was a year old he crawled over to the dishwasher to watch his mother unloading it. Suddenly he put a finger into the detergent dispensing cup and ate a fingerful of wet but undissolved Electrasol. In minutes his face was red and blistered, and the inside of his mouth and his tongue were burned white. Because of a series of lucky circumstances, Peter was in a hospital within minutes and he recovered in a few days.

I could not believe what I was reading. It reminded me of a time when my 1 year old was in the kitchen with me and I just happen to see her stick her hand in the dish washing soap I just poured in the dishwasher. I grabbed her hand immediately and washed it off. What if I didn't see her and she put her hand in her mouth? Would my daughter have been one of those horrible stories above?


If only they had never been exposed to such hazardous chemicals. There are more than 3 million poisonings every year. Household cleaners are the number one cause of poisoning of children. [The National Safe Kids Campaign, Poisoning 1996]

The real tragedy here is that all of these accidents could have been prevented. A simple decision to use safer products could have meant that these children would not have had to suffer and die. Unfortunately, most parents don't realize that they have a choice.

Go into your kitchen and bathroom and look under the sinks where you keep your cleaning and personal care supplies. What have you found? Window cleaner? Bleach? Laundry and dish washing detergent? Shampoo? Mouthwash? These products can be violent, lethal poisons with the potential to kill or seriously injure your child or any child who may come into your home.

Maybe you keep your cleaning and personal care products locked away or up high out of the reach of children. If you do, good! Think about when you are cleaning the shower and you get a phone call. You stop for a moment to answer it. Are you aware the cleaning product you are using is near the shower low enough for your children to get to it? It only takes one time and you don't always get a second chance!


Ask yourself - Why are these lethal products in your home at all? Probably because you didn't realize how dangerous they can be. The fact is, by using safer household products you would no longer be taking unnecessary chances with your child. Isn't your child worth making a change to a healthier home?!

I encourage you to make your home a healthy home by eliminating toxic chemicals. By removing the dangerous cleaners and personal care products, you remove the potential harms they cause. You eliminate the unnecessary risk for cancer, ADD, nervous disorders, asthma, birth defects, infertility, and a host of other problems.

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