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Now a days it is hard to make it with one parent working, that we have to find a good and caring daycare for our kids, and go on to work also. I found that it is better to find out all you can about the daycare before you decide to leave your children there.

First of all, these are your pride and joys and you don't want anything to happen to them while you are away from them. When you first go to check out a daycare center, check for their license, if you don't see it then ask about it and physically look at it. No license then I wouldn't consider them taking care of my child. And training. Make sure they have had training in taking care of children. I am talking about training in taking care of quiet kids to the hyper ones that just don't want to listen. There is a requirement in some states, you have to go to classes every year for so many hours to qualify to work in a daycare.

Next, how about smoke detectors and fire exits? Make sure they have both. Ask about the plan if there should be a fire and if they have fire drills with the kids so they know what to do should a fire break out.

How about the atmosphere there? Is it a happy room, with toys and tables and chairs. A room that your kids can't wait to tear into or just a drab room that really hasn't caught your fancy. If you can't get excited with the daycare, they most likely you child won't either. Are the daycare workers friendly, and do they pay attention to your child while you are asking about the place? Some places just want to get your child there to make the money. Check out how they treat your child and others before you make a decision.

Are you looking for just a place to drop you kids off or do you want something that not only takes care of your kids but also teaches them things that will help when they start school. That is important too. Some places have the play time then learning time and then play time. How about naps? What do they do if the child doesn't want to take a nap?

When you decide which daycare you want to take care of your child, make sure you make up a list of important things incase of an emergency, medicines, phone numbers and also make sure you put it in writing if you or someone else will be picking your child up. If you chose you and your husband only or who ever, make sure they know that and put it in writing so no one else can snatch your child up.

There are a million questions you could ask, and don't be afraid to. Remember this is your child that they are taking care of.

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