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Office Moving: Major Problems and Helpful Tips

Nataly Perekhrest

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When speaking about moving and the problems associated with the process, it is important to differentiate between residential and office relocation. This is because these moving types differ with regard to their complexity levels, the number of people involved into the process, the budgets, the amount of problems that have to be solved and other issues, which should not be overlooked when it comes to relocation. Much has been told about residential moves already. That is why, it makes sense to focus on office moving closer.

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article.

While residential relocation is stressful for one family or person only, office moving frequently becomes a problem for the whole company or department. When it comes to the change of the office in the same building, this is only half of the problem.

However, when your company plans to move to the new building, this may be a real headache for all the staff. To simplify the process and make it less stressful, pay attention to the following tips:

  1. When it comes to planning the office move, it is crucial to decide, who will be responsible for each stage. If there are lots of things and equipment to be packed and transported to the new place, it is better to hire a moving service. Such services generally employ professional movers, who know all the nuances of residential and office moves and are capable of preventing all kinds of unexpected situations – those you may accidentally overlook. If hiring a moving company is impossible for some reason, then it makes sense to distribute all the tasks between the employees. There should also be qualified managers appointed to supervise the move and keep track on how the process is done.

  2. Prior to getting ready for the move, it is crucial to make sure you have rented another office and all the details of the contract are settled. No one wants to get ready for the move… just to find out that there is something wrong with the contract. This may affect both the moving process and the business in general, which is simply inadmissible.

  3. We have already mentioned that it is reasonable to hire professional movers to manage your office relocation. If this option appeals to you, you should start the search at least a month before the move date. What you should realize is that the moving process is not that simple, so, the movers have to be aware of all the nuances of the move.

    However, even prior to that, you should find those movers you can trust. They will pack and/or transport your office belongings. Correspondingly, the company should be reputable and experienced in this business.

    To find such a team, you will have to conduct the online search, look through the reviews, ratings or consult other managers of companies, which have recently moved to new places.

  4. Having found several trustable office moving companies, take your time to find out the cost they charge for their services. It is recommended to ask for a quote from these companies and compare what each of them is ready to offer you. By comparing these quotes and the range of the services offered, you will be able to choose the company that meets your needs, requirements and expectations. Do not forget to check the certification of the moving service you have found.
  5. Prior to making it a deal, take your time to decide, who will be responsible for the packing. Some employees prefer to pack documents on their own, which is quite understandable. The rest of the things, such as the equipment, furniture, office supplies etc. may be packed by the movers. This, however, should be preliminary discussed with them. By the way, don’t forget to make the back up of the data stored on office computers to prevent their accidental loss.

To sum it up, moving does not have to be too expensive at all. However, it is important to plan the budget in advance to know what services you might need. This should be done before hiring a moving company and getting their estimation. Even if the estimation provided by the moving company proves to be too high, it is always possible to negotiate with them and adopt reasonable decision.


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