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Experience and parenting skills children


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The thing Is you can only really know how to be a parent, If you become one . there Is no rule book or checklists. there are of course a million and one parenting books out there. Real life Is not captured In a book.

Your own childhood comes Into play. You always want better for your own children. Life experiences teach us lessons so we know what to do later on In life.

Although as a parent you now are aware of the danger in the life of a child, something they don't realise. different generations done It certain ways. the best thing to focus on Is love. the love we have for the child this Is what truly shapes them In life. spending as much time as you can with them. we all have to work but school balances It out.

Being creative with them, praising them early on and carry this on throughout life, truly makes them believe in themselves. TBeing open with them, just them knowing they can come to you and tell you anything even if there to blame, this is great if your able to instil this . generally know as your child grows up much of what there life's about, not everything obviously just a mindful awareness of there friends were they go without being overtly intruding within there privacy.

This ensures you know right away if there falling in with the wrong types or experimenting with drugs . All of which can be nipped in the bud early on. Guidance is key as they become a teenagers you can swiftly steer them down the right path when there at a crossroads.

The trick is to never shape them Into what you want you have to let them be what they want , make the career choice they want . Never try to say oh It's not practical Its the wrong choice . Support them in there decsiion.

Nudging them on without them knowing. Watching them grow into there own person. seems to easy well of course In between the lines there's going to be arguments disagreements, sibling rivalry, punishments, that's part of growing up its the end result that's important. No child is perfect and it's not always the parents fault . Parenting is a tough job when you sign up for it its for life. .


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Parenting Your Children Exercise Your Authority
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