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Child Support, Mediation, Divorce, Family Law in California

Brandyn Garske

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Are you going through the divorce from hell? Fighting, screaming, hanging up on each other, and flat out throwing and breaking things. Sound very familiar? Guess who is caught in the middle of it all? THE KIDS!!

What mommy and daddy are saying and doing is setting a wonderful example to the kids on how they should behave and act around their siblings, friends, and even adults! Welcome to family law in San Diego, California.

Family law will show the parents and siblings what is right from wrong. What should be said and what cannot be said. Especially if you have teenagers. They have rights and laws are there to protect the children from all this nasty verbal and mental abuse. It is taking a big toll on them, especially with their school work and social life.

Family law and family court will put a parent in their place if necessary. If threats of stealing the children, allowing no visitation when payments are made, or no child support is even being paid, someone is going to end up in jail. This will cause more damage to the family unit.

Do not let this happen and do not let this get out of hand! Ask for help in San Diego if you live there or in the county. Ask for a family law attorney if you cannot afford one. They will appoint one for the children and see what their best interests will be.

Family law will visit each parent and learn about them. They will visit their home and even their work place. When the kids come over to visit, observations will be made. How are the children treated and what discipline is used and what rewards are given? Does the spouse even have a job to support the children or a safe home environment?

Children remember everything they see and hear. Watch them sometime. They will definitely repeat after you. They will have negative feelings towards their mom or dad because they think it is ok. Keep comments and actions away from the children. When you are stressed, they are clearly stressed. It is already a stressful time in their lives when they lose a parent. They need love and support .

Family law in San Diego will help solve many family problems with counseling, housing, visitation, child support, and many more things that are broken needing to be fixed. Let them help you today!


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California Divorce and Child Custody: What is a Mediator?
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