What Are The Advantages Of Real Australian Ugs


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While the history ugs remains hazy, what is clear is that ugs have been around for so long, and are so renowned for comfort, that they are here to stay.

The advantages of real sheepskin ugs are found in the materials from which they are constructed. Genuine ugs are made from natural sheepskin. Unlike other materials, sheepskin is comfortable enough that you may find yourself wearing your ugs barefoot; the natural lanolin oil will moisturize your skin, while the natural wool fibers keep your feet comfortable.

Temperatures outside your ugs can range from 30 to 80 degrees F (-1.1 to 26 degrees C) without affecting your comfort. Sweating won't be a problem, thanks to the wicking capabilities of natural fleece to draw the moisture away from your feet and allow air to circulate fully.

Another of the advantages of real sheepskin ugs is washability. Use cool, clear water to hand wash your ugs, then let them dry in shade to keep them attractive and comfortable for years.

The advantages of real sheepskin ugs cannot be found in boots made with pigskin or synthetic fabrics. Boots made with other materials may resemble ugs, but they lack the comfort advantages of real sheepskin ugs. Pigskin on the exterior of the boot, for example, eliminates the advantage of breathability. Synthetic fibers lack the temperature regulation and moisture-wicking abilities of fleece, producing a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable experience for the wearer.

For comfort associated with ugs worldwide, there is no substitute for genuine Australian sheepskin ugs.

Ian Partridge lauched a website  called http://www.australiaonlineproducts.com which specialises in australian sheepskin boots known around the world as Ug boots, a slang australian term which has been around for a century


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