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Why do people want the same things at the same time? Surely the smart thing to do is to buy things when they are not in favour, and pick up a bargain. I’ll show you how you can save plenty of money by being unfashionable.

People like me can always get a good deal when it comes to clothes. I have no fashion sense, you see. So, when everyone else is buying the latest fashions, I am picking up bargains. The cheapest raincoat you can buy is when the rainy season has finished.

Hang on, this is going nowhere. I think my logic is flawed. There I am in my unfashionable wet-through clothes, eating Christmas dinner in January. There’s something wrong here.

Well, I suppose that’s the end of this article, I’ve just played devil’s advocate with myself, and the devil won. Except, there are some products where it may still work. Yes, I think I can redeem myself. You see, I work for a company that sells fly control equipment. Trouble is, at this time of year there are very few flies and wasps around. So do we go dormant like the flies? Oh, if only we could! No we cut prices to the bone and wait for some unfashionable buyers to make a purchase. And they do! Because when it comes to buying fly killers, uv lamps and glueboards and spares for Fly Killers , the really smart buyers wait until this time of year and make a killing (sorry, couldn't resist that).

So why not be really unfashionable. If you are a buyer of fly killers, do it now!

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Fly Fishing - Choosing the Best Fly Rod For the Fish Your Fishing For
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