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Old Sweatshirts Can Be Recycled

Victor Epand

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Have you ever wondered what to do with old, worn out sweatshirts? Individuals have discovered that they should not be thrown away or donated, because there are some great uses for old, worn out sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts can be recycled so that they are turned into something new that can be useful. Sweatshirts can be cut into octagon shapes so that they can be sewn together to create wonderful quilts. Start by cutting off the arms of your sweatshirt, then continue by cutting off the top and bottom off of your sweatshirt. Now what is left is only the body that is close to the shape of a square, which needs to be turned inside out so that the right sides are facing up.

Begin cutting out three inch squares from each corner of what is remaining of the sweatshirt, then take two of the cut outs and sew them together so that the right sides are together. Once you have sewn them together they need to be turned inside out. As you continue sewing these cut outs together set them aside until you have collected enough to sew them all together. Take a rectangle template to make sure that all the pieces are cut as evenly as possible.

Continue cutting each side three inches up and about three-quarter inches wide, which will create frills onto the edges. Tie all of the frills together in a loose knot so that they can be attached to both sides. Once you have tied all of the frills together in loose knots along both sides, then you have a nice hand made quilt or blanket that is great for your house hold pet to sleep on. Or you can continue by cutting a strip of the sweatshirt out in a long rectangle then frill the edges to create small scarves for your children.

The sleeves that you cut out can be turned into wonderful cleaning rags or rags to polish your furniture with by cutting the sleeves in half. Another idea is to create a sweater for your household pet out of your old sweatshirts by again removing the sleeves with pinking shears. Then measure your cat or dog up against the sleeve of the sweatshirt, then cut out two holes in the appropriate places for the front legs of your household pet. Now cut the sweatshirt sleeve down the middle so that a zipper or buttons can be added to finish creating the sweater. Once this is completed, then you can place designs on the sweatshirt sweater you have created by using fabric paint.

Other great creative ideas to recycle your old sweatshirts is to create dog rope toys by cutting your sweatshirts into different size strips and then knotting them up. If your sweatshirts are simply too stained to be worn anymore, then another idea is to tie dye your sweatshirts to make them seem brand new and will also hide the stains. Then if you simply do not have a creative bone in your body, instead of tossing them out donate them to homeless shelters where other individuals can enjoy the warmth that they will deliver.

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