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Why You Shouldnt Throw Stuff Away The Future Prized Antiques in Your House


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It's unique among human beings to treasure those things that are in the past for the sake of their age and their place in history. We all love the Parthenon and we appreciate the Roman Colosseum, because they remind us of old times and past glories. They also help us remember the extent to which humans can dream, and help us achieve those dreams as well. This defiance of time is also evident in the way we appreciate antiques. Almost anything that links us to our distant or almost-distant past can be considered to be an antique. Mostly it would be right to associate the term with pieces o furniture, paraphernalia or accessories from a bygone age that gains value because of its historical placement.

When we think of antiques, we usually think of things from our past. But what about the things that we have all around us now that are sure to be antiques and great finds in about 40 years from now? We take for granted that the most natural things around us will probably increase their values tenfold with the passing of time.

These are a few that people in the future may just end up buying:

Movie Posters: With the way technology is moving right now, with almost all of the arts available in computers or over the Internet, movie posters of old may be extinct in the not too distant future. The advent of file sharing and computer -generated movies and effects may render them obsolete before you even know it.

Kitchen Appliances: Just like those ancient mortars an pestles, our egg beaters, blenders, grills and juicers will soon be museum pieces. A lot of those items in the Home TV Network will probably fetch a handsome price 50 to 60 years from now.

Harry Potter Memorabilia: just like the Star Wars memorabilia that still have a lot value for collectors to this very day, the literary craze known as Harry Potter will most likely have a following far, far into the future. It may or may not become a bona fide literary classic but we all have this series to thank for helping children and grownups around the world rediscover the magic of reading again.

Button Watches: Save those busted Rolexes, Casios and Seikos. With the way that classic timepieces have been selling at auction houses, these are almost guaranteed to sell for a high price, maybe even just 20 years from now!

So there is a lot to be gained over the years by the simple act of not throwing stuff or giving them away. Today's nuisance products are bound to become the future's museum pieces! If you'd like to discover the other things that you can save for auction go to:


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