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Tips For Back to School


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The end of summer brings a crazy onslaught of back to school shopping and preparation. It can feel quite overwhelming when you look at your child's back to school list. It can feel like it's never ending. There are a few things that do get left off the list though that you should be sure you don't forget about. Going back to school is difficult enough without realizing too late that you forgot something essential.

Most children will end up needing more than one pair of shoes for school. Indoor and outdoor shoes are usually required by most schools in order to help keep the school clean and tidy. The shoes that your child uses for indoor should be acceptable to wear in gym class as well. Shoes that are easy to run in while providing support to the foot and ankle are best. It's important to always try on shoes before buying them.

Tissue like Kleenex is often overlooked. Some schools make a habit of putting it on school supply lists but if not, toss it in. Small, easy to care travel packages of tissue tend to come in handy when its least expected. Have your child keep one in their desk at school or in their backpack. They don't cost much but they sure can save you a lot of trouble especially when it comes to allergies or the flu season.

It's a good idea to test your child's pencils and erasers before sending them off to their first day back at school. Many pencils tend to smudge when erased if they are not of good enough quality. Though it may not seem like a big deal, children tend to do a lot of erasing in school and a paper filled with black smudges can get downright frustrating. Mechanical pencils rarely tend to have this problem so it may be an option you prefer to go with.

Make sure that the calculator your child will be using is appropriate for their grade level. For example, an older child may require the use of a scientific calculator rather than a regular one. Keep this is mind when choosing these types of supplies. Having the wrong one will not help when it comes time to start punching in numbers and formulas. In a similar case, find out about science labs and if anything special will be required that you would otherwise not consider.

Proper storage containers are an absolute must for going back to school. From pencil cases to backpacks, your child is going to have a lot of things to tote around. Getting the best thing possible for storage and carrying capability will help them stay organized and alleviate back strain. Allow your kids to give their input on things that they will be using. It's important to involve them in all aspects of schooling.

Going back to school is one of the busiest times of year. It involves a lot of planning but it goes a long way when it comes to educational benefits.

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