How To Clean A Mattress


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I work for the housekeeping department in one of the most reputed hotels in my town and mattresses are my specialty. Everything from purchasing decision to their maintenance is handled by me. So, I guess I should not be surprised if every other day one of my friends or their friends calls up to asks me “How do I clean the mattress?". Everyone wants a tip on how to clean the mattress.

As I kept repeating these tips time after time, I realized that there might be others who would want to know how to clean the mattress. So hear is what I learnt:

How to clean the mattress: Step 1-Prevention is better than cure

You must use a mattress pad. That is the first step to cleaning a mattress. Make sure that it is easy to wash and easy to remove and fit back.

How to clean the mattress: Step 2-Good old vacuuming

Vacuum the mattress often. Vacuum its sides, the box springs and every nook and corner. You set a routine. Vacuum the mattress every time you take mattress pad out to wash.

How to clean the mattress: Step 3-Flip and rotate

Flip the mattress and rotate it from time to time. This prevents rough use of the mattress and the pressure zones don't get defined.

How to clean the mattress: Step 4- Stains and pains

Stains are inevitable; if you must clean them try using mild soaps. It would be even better if you could get upholstery shampoo.

How to clean the mattress: Step 5- The trade secret We use something called Dry Suds to get rid of stubborn stains. It is easy to make. Mix a little detergent with warm water, beat it up in a beater. Now remove the froth and the stuff that remains is ideal to clean these stains.

How to clean the mattress: Step 6 Dry is Clean

Make sure that your mattress and mattress pads are dry and clean. You can occasionally air them in sun. If you work in the hotel industry like me and have to dry the mattresses at short notice before the customer arrives, there is nothing like a blow dryer. The hair dryer is ok at such times but it does not have the anti-bacterial properties of the sun. So drying it out in the sun is definitely the best option.

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