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In our very first quick smart cleaning guide we look at how you can clean your lounge area in fifteen minutes.

Now, you’re probably thinking that a fifteen-minute clean just isn't possible. Not only is it possible, though, it's also highly desirable: it can be a very long day when yu have to work, look after the kids and take care of all of the household chores, too: hopefully we can show you how to save a little but of time which you can then spend however you want.

First of all before we start you’ll need some sort of basket or bag. This is to put non-lounge items in. It would also be good if you could have a duster to hand and also a vacuum cleaner or a brush. OK, are you ready?

Take a look around the room to find any items that don’t belong in the lounge. Put these in your basket or bag and put it to one side. The settee is next: brush down all the cushions and check down the backs for any foreign items. Brush any dirt straight onto the floor.

Brush down the coffee table next and arrange anything that is on it. Put away any books or magazines in the rack or under the coffee table.

Grab that vacuum cleaner or brush and set about doing the floor area. Forget about moving the furniture, it’s been a long day; you can come back to this when you have more time.

Take a look around: it’s probably looking far less cluttered. Put away your cloth and your vacuum cleaner or brush and take a deep breath. You’re done!

If you do have a few spare minutes left take the container and put all the non-lounge items back in their proper places. It only takes a few minutes and will save you time the next day.

This quick fifteen-minute routine will help to de-stress you, and allow you time to put your feet and relax, maybe have a look and see what’s on TV or pick up a good book. It’s important to remember that you need “me” time and while this routine does not go in-depth with the cleaning it’s a sure fire way of helping you to get time for yourself.

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