Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Steve Hanson

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Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide - also referred to as H2O2 - is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you provide a safer, cleaner space, with lower bacteria levels, but without the risk of the toxicity that is sometimes associated with cleaners. By cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, you not only protect the health of your employees and the other building users, but you also help to reduce the damage that is done to the environment.

The cleaning industry in America is taking an important turn towards providing effective, safe cleaning that also remains environmentally friendly. It has been predicted by such experts as the president of EnvirOx, that environmentally friendly products will comprise the majority of cleaning products within 10 years time. Though not to the point of exclusivity, this will mean that cleaning with hydrogen peroxide will comprise a substantial part of this movement.

Today's ideal choices for cleaning involve using oxygen cleaners, which are formulations of hydrogen peroxide and a type of solvent, which may include something natural - for example, citrus or d-limonene (the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind) or another type of degreasing surfactant.

Using hydrogen peroxide products are considered the elite option for cleaning because of their ability to effectively and successfully break down a stain from the molecular level. However, unlike toxic cleaners, oxygen cleaners are more environmentally desirable because when the hydrogen peroxide dissipates, the results are simple water and oxygen; neither of which has a negative impact on the environment.

This also means that another plus that you will experience when cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is that it works extremely well for cleaning and sanitizing countertops, and other surfaces that may be used for the preparation of food. This includes cutting boards made of woods and plastics.

Oxygen cleaners are readily available in pre-diluted formulas which are ready to use as multipurpose, multi-surface cleaners, as well as degreasers and stain removers. Moreover, concentrates are available for other lighter and heavier functions.

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide works best on stains that are protein-based, on carpets, grouting, and on laundry, and work very well as deodorizers. However, petroleum-based stains, such as gum and oils still present a challenge for oxygen cleaners. Also, depending on the pH level of the cleaner, it may not work on hard floors, since it could damage the sealant of the surface.

We recommend products such as those by Core Products Co, which provide spotters, pre-conditioners, and specialty products with a base of hydrogen peroxide. This allows you to experience a high quality, effective product that also provides the important benefit of safer formulas for your employees, the other building users, and the environment, due to the low toxicity of hydrogen peroxide.

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